Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Of "Sleepy Hollow" and RV's~~~~

Oh My Goodness Darklings!!!

Did anyone see the finalle of "Sleepy Hollow" last night----what a cliff hanger!  Crane is buried alive in a grave, Parrish is his and Katrina's son and has gone to the dark side, Abby is trapped in a doll house in Purgatory, Katrina is taken by the Headless Horseman, Abby's sister lies either injured or dead on the road and Captain Irving is in Jail for 2 murders he didn't commit!!!  Talk about a "Perils of Pauline" ending!!
Who is going to come to their rescue??!!

Breathe, breathe....

I'm at work and will be here all day, a long day I might add after having a holiday.  Coralline was with my sister and I all weekend and it was such a fun weekend and we had her for the full "Sleepy Hollow" last episode of its season, with a promise of it to return in the Fall,  of course Coralline can't wait, and we told her that she has to, just like one has to wait for Christmas. 

Doyle called me last night from his son's house in San Diego (he waited until after "Castle") and said to me "We've got to buy the Series---no if's or but's"  and he's doing well by the way, he'll be back next Monday, and his children are doing fine.

I wish I could go into the questions Coralline was asking of us but right now I don't have time, my brother did come to pick her up, he said that he and the boy's had fun watching the 49'ers, but were so disappointed at the lost, so just to be "mean" I said to him "Whiner, Whiner Forty Niner, Go Broncos!"  and he said "YEAH!!!"   Coralline, (sweet child) just rolled her eyes and I said "You can stay with your Aunt and I during the Superbowl game, we can chase Doyle out to a friends house."  

Then my Brother made a Big Announcement, he and Monica (and the boys) had been going to the RV show this last weekend and since their house is almost paid off, (it will be by Spring) they bought an RV.  It has enough space to sleep all 6 of them, and can tow a small car behind when they travel, it had been a dream of theirs for sometime and they had been working towards it. 

Coralline asked if she could sneak a snake into her brother's bunks in the RV but her Dad said no it would freak out her Mother.  I love how this child's mind thinks.   He started waxing enthusiasticly about it while Coralline feel asleep on the couch, frankly I think it is for them a good thing, they love to travel even on weekends besides going to games, and I know Coralline likes to go and see new places and to do so in comfort is good and it will be good for the boys to learn how to handle an RV.

For me, give me the comfort of a 5 star hotel, with comfortable beds and gourmet meals, although as a child we did go camping so sleeping in a tent is no stranger to me.

And now its back to work.  More Anon.

Later Darklings


  1. Huge fan of the Castle tv show. And that Nathan Fillion--hubba, hubba!

  2. I've watched the Sleepy Hollow movie starring Johnny Depp, but what Sleepy Hollow are you watching?

  3. Hello Kim,

    The "Sleepy Hollow" I'm watching is a new television series that appeared on American T.V.starting in Sept, 2013 its first run is of 13 episodes, That is what FOX Broadcasting purchased and they discovered it is very popular so it will be brought back again in Sept. 2014, with new espisodes.

    This one takes place in 21st century Sleepy Hollow but Crane was placed in a deep sleep by his wife, who is a witch so that he could combate evil at the time the "Headless Horseman" rises up. It's a convuluted tale with the American Revolution, Crane dealing with the 21st century, and evil aka "Death" and the remaining 4 horsemen of the Bible, and a major demon called "Moloch". Its best to watch it in sequence otherwise you miss where people are connected to each other and their motives.

    Yes Trisha, Nathan Fillion--growl!!