Friday, January 17, 2014

Of "The Black Queen" and other thoughts~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Oh my!  Did anyone see "Criminal Minds" this last Wednesday (U.S.)?   The Character of Penelope Garcia as the hacker "The Black Queen" in all her corested Gothic Beauty.   Doyle called me during a commerical break for a quick check in with me, he said even his eye's popped out when he saw her. 

I did enjoy the episode, it gave more background to the character as well as solving a case, but I loved what Penelope wore as "The Black Queen".

It gave me thoughts on clothing----I've on occasion receive e-mail news letters from PINUP GIRL Clothing, and I decided to see if they had anything I'd be interested in, and I have to say if you are into Retro Goth, or even Retro, this web site has a lot to choose from, and if you are plus size you can look sexy and wicked in their clothing. 

They have a couple of evening bags that I like that I'm going to order, but I love some of their lipsticks in their retro cases, all cruelty free and made in the USA. 

Early last evening my niece Coralline called me, it seems that her parents let her and her older brother watch "Criminal Minds", but not the twins,  Monica was supervising the viewing.   I asked wasn't that past her bed time and she replied that as long as she has done her homework and has her clothes ready for the next day and completed her chores she could stay up till 10 p.m.  not every night, but if something was special like "Sleepy Hollow"  Coralline likes the Penelope Garcia character so her mother gave in, unless it got too gruesome.  

Coralline asked me about the two sides of the character and I said everyone has two sides a light and dark, the trick is to balance the two, but in Penelope's case she is more light but since she has seen the dark she uses it to her advantage to help solve crimes.  The main trick is to not fall "into the abyss", which I said some people unfortnately do.  

Coralline asked her Mother if she could stay with me this coming weekend, since the "Boys" are going to be focused on the 49'ers game, I said it was fine with me but I wanted to talk to her Mother, Monica said it was fine, so Coralline will be coming over later this afternoon and we'll do our ususal things,  Sis is looking forward to seeing her too.

But I have an idea that Coralline is going to be asking the both of us a lot of questions.   It will be interesting to see what road it is taking.

Later Darklings  


  1. I am a huge fan of "Criminal Minds" and especially Penelope in general:)

    I agree her outfit as "Black Queen" was wonderful.

    I think I may go re-watch this episode online now.


  2. The good thing is she (Coralline) is asking questions (of the right person, I might add.)