Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Of the President's Speech and Belladonna got sick~~~

Hello My Darklings,

First I want to reasure you all that Belladonna is now doing just fine, a little tummy upset, but Doyle was worried.  Truthfully he was freaking out as the youngsters would say.

Last night Sis and I were at the Film Noir Festival, and they were showing the films from Germany, I'm almost overdosing on all of this, but we were having such fun meeting wonderful people, and the films are marvelous.  So many people wearing vintage style, but what both Sis and I noticed is that the ladies really do not know that you are suppose to wear a proper foundation garment to help make your clothing fit properly, and the hair,  none of the ladies understand that to help make the hair do what you want it to do, a proper cut and a good perm is essential. 

With my back I need to wear a long line bra that not only does what its suppose to do in the front **wink, wink** but also give a light support to my spine so I won't re-injure it.  It saves a lot of pain.  Sis thinks I should be a vintage Fashion Divanesta...I'm beginning to think so.

Although I am looking forward to the Vintage Fashion Expo in March, a sensory overload, that I will enjoy.

We left Doyle alone at home, he had to work late for the last few days so he's been baby sitting the "doggie gang of two" and being a bachelor for a few hours.

But last night when we got home, no Doyle, no dogs, just a note that Weiner Dog was with Brian and Doyle had taken Belladonna to the emergency Vet.  Called him on his cell and he told us that Belladonna is going to be fine, just indigestion and he'd be home with the little darling soon.

So Sis picked up Weiner Dog from Brian, who said he did enjoy the doggie company, and admitted that he had never seen such a little dog be so down cast without his doggie friend, then when Doyle came home with Belladonna he filled us in.

Doyle came home turned on the T.V. to catch the news,  only to discover that the President was on, he was on every important station, saying (according to Doyle) the usual Blah, Blah, Blah, so Doyle decided to make his own dinner, eggs scrambled with hot links sauseges, I won't touch it, not that I don't like it but its too peppery for me, and he added some cheese slices to it---calling it scrambled mess---Well it's his choice of foods, how he doesn't have high chloresterol and high blood pressure I'll never know, but he doesn't.

Well as he was scooping it out of the pan some of it landed on the floor and as you know Dogs consider anything on the floor theirs---Belladonna got the bulk of it, with Weiner Dog only getting a little egg.  Doyle cleaned up the floor and then proceeded to enjoy his dinner.  He was thinking of popping in a DVD while the President was flapping his gums (Doyle's words), when he realized that the dogs needed to be let out.

After washing dishes and cleaning up he went to chose a DVD when Belladonna started heaving, and everything came up including some strange things that didn't look like what Doyle cooked, Doyle became concerned that the dog might have eaten something poisonous out back, there had been a strange person hanging around the neighborhood lately and Doyle got very worried.

He took Weiner over to Brians, wrote a hasty note, collected what Belladonna threw up, bundled the dog and the "stuff" into his car and dashed to the emergency Vet, with Belladonna vomiting on his car rug and seat.

End result was that Belladonna's stomach cannot handle hot links and cheese, as a matter of fact, cheese, like chocolate and alcohol is not good for dogs, and the strange stuff was grasses that Belladonna ate to vomit.

The Vet gave the little thing a mild sedative to prevent more heaving, and to make sure she had plenty of water.   She had not been poisoned.  A costly bill for Doyle but he said it was worth it, and went outside to clean his car rug and seat, while Sis and I crooned over the little sick darling and Weiner Dog licked her ear in joy.  Brain saying that since he was up went out to help Doyle.

We were too wound up to go to bed and asked the men what they thought of what the President had to say.
Brian said that at least he talked about improving wages but was concerned that by increasing the minimum wage it may prompt businesses to let people go because business is really not all that great, what with cheap products coming from over seas.  Doyle said that is fine to increase the minimum wage but should also increase the jobs as well and not have large companies farm out jobs overseas, bring manufacturing and jobs in general back here.  He said he is sick and tired of having to call someone find out that they are overseas and their English is not all that good, he's had that happen too often.  Some of what he's said is true, we should be an exporter of goods not an importer, if we cannot make our own goods then we are in trouble.

Is there an answer?  I do not know, but I feel that when a person has to work two jobs just to make ends meet, something is wrong.  When there are 100 people vieing for the same job, something is wrong.  I feel that the answer is a combination of things, create more jobs here, stop farming them out, and yes increase the minimum wage, and look at what big corporations are harming, we have sustainable products and devices but they are not being put to use.  Why use corn to make an additive to oil, when other products work just as well---that is one example, we need to adapt.  Yes there is Climate change but it is largely cyclic although the human interference is not helping and only increases pollution, we need to adapt to these changes, like in 700 AD wheat grew in Greenland because the land was warmer than it is now, that is a cyclic change---but I know most people won't believe me.  They'll belive Al Gore the alleged father of the internet (as I snort in derision).

I'll leave that subject, and instead nag my Congress person.

I still have to laugh at Doyle's reaction that the president was on every station of importance.  Sis remarked to me "Remember when we were young and how upset we'd get that we couldn't watch our programs because the president was making a boring old speech?"   I think Jeff Foxworthy said it best----"The President's on!!!   He's on EVERY Station!!!!   We're Gonna miss FLIPPER!!!!"   (Flipper was a t.v. show about a smart Dolphin that did rescues like the Dog Lassie)

Oh I laugh at that thought, and then I reminded her the time she was staying with me in between one of her trips and we sat down to watch "Diagnosis Murder" with Dick Van Dyke, it was about a magician and murder and right in the middle of it the news cut to the slow speed chase by the police of O.J. Simpson in the white bronco, and he was threatening to shoot himself,  I said to her and asked her "And what did you say when that happened!!"   She at least had the courtesy to blush and admit that she yelled at the T.V. set saying  "So PULL the (G.D.) Trigger and get back to Diagnosis Murder!!"

She never lived that down....We are a sick minded group (not really)  

Brian looked at her and said "I never knew you could be so blood thirsty!"  Well both she and I we were trying to have a relaxing evening and just did not need to deal with that, it was in the police's hands as far as we were concern.   But we admitted that the News is like the Gladiator Games, lots of times it really isn't about reporting the news but having us watch a "train wreck" while its happening.  Although in that instance NOTHING happened.

And then Belladonna looked at us and gave a big yawn and sigh and settled into my arms to sleep.  For us it was a signal ---time for us to go to bed.

Tonight we'll be going to another viewing of Film Noir, now I just have to select which "Deadly Dame" outfit to wear tonight.

Later Darklings

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  1. I'm SO glad Belladonna is okay! I had no idea that cheese isn't good for dogs; we have cats, and it's like ice cream to them!

    I would love to know more about the Vintage Fashion Expo. I found it on Google, but all it says is that it's in March in San Francisco. Is there somewhere else I could get more information? Thanks!