Friday, September 27, 2013

Of Thoughts and Plans for this weekend~~~~

Hello Darklings,

I am so happy with my new work schedule, I have today off and already my sister is making plans for us to play "Hookey" today.  

We have an appointment for a mani-pedi to pamper ourselves and I've made my selection of nail polish, I think "Toxic Apple" by Wet and Wild will be perfect for the season of darkness and terror.  But I have also been leaning towards "Devil's Lure" by Revlon, I guess I'm going to have to flip a coin on that.

Speaking of nail poilish I have not seen anything Halloween-wise that has come out recently, of course it could be early, but it seems that Wet and Wild is offering what they offered last year, however I did pick up a bottle of "Poison Ivy" by Wet and Wild, I used a lot of it during Christmas and St. Patricks day.

The last few mornings have dawned chilly and nippy, yes fall is in the air with a vengence, athought the weather man says we will have some very warm days, and possible rain next week, it's already having a dusting of snow in the Sierra's.   But now people are worried about fires in the Oakland Hill's, I tremble at that, the Oakland Hills Fire storm of the 80's, my apartment went up in flames, 25 people lost their lives.

Sis says I still need to process that, and she's right.

And now Sis is saying that after our mani-pedi's we'll have lunch out perhaps at one of the places near Union Square, since we are going to S.F. for our treat.

Mmmmm and shopping---yes Darklings  I love to shop, at least window shop.

It also seems that the family intervention is going to have to be put on hold for at least a week, my sister-in-law called and said that the oldest Stooge, Coralline's older brother, has to have 3 wisdom teeth removed his other teeth are being pushed in crooked alinement, and he'll have to have braces to make sure they aline right. 

I asked her over the phone if that may happen to the other boys and it's possible it will with them, but Coralline's teeth are coming in fine but as soon as a wisdom tooth erupts it will be removed to avoid problems.  They are hoping to do the same with the boys

Now I must go, Sis is driving and we don't want to be late.

Later Darklings

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