Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Of a "follow up"~~~~~

Hello again Darklings,

It's good I stayed home today, to process what Doyle told me.

Dear Lucretia, thank you, Doyle has been good to me in the years that I've known him, so has his family.  I think because of the tragedies that my family has been through it helps me cope with Doyle, but then Doyle has to cope with me.

My sister being a psychologist and doing consuling, even grief consuling and I having taken psychology classes it helps us to understand and be compassionate about todays tragedies and given our family's life history we see things both differently and in many ways logically.   A combination of old world and new world, of late 19th early 20th as well as the ultra modern 21st century.   Sometimes people think we are anachronisms, we appear to be too complacent but we really are not, the concept of "to everything there is a season" has been strongly instilled into us, but sudden tragedy is still painful.

Doyle cares, espeically when its a case dealing with children, in the years he was a police officer he's seen alot, too much I fear, and he cares alot, but he has to mentally divorce himself from emotions while working a case, something he learned years ago, but when its over and its one that he cares about, he goes to a particular bar, the bartender knows him, he'll say to the bartender "It's a quarter to three" and hands his car keys to the man, sometimes I'll know, sometimes I don't know but this I do know, when he comes home in a cab I simply confirm where he was from the driver and go from there.  It doesn't happen often but I did learn this from his late wife (she passed away some years ago, we were friends) so I knew what to do.

 I know in the next day or two he will call his children and ask about the grandchildren, I think when we go on our mini-vacation to Old Town Sacramento and stay on the Delta King it will be good therapy for him as well.   And I'll suggest that maybe before Thanksgiving to go and visit them down in San Diego.

Doyle left about 40 minutes ago, I called a cab for him so he could pickup his car, I called the bar where he left it and they assured me it was still there and it was no problem. 

I was surprised he got him self going, but he said work was good therapy for him, and he needed a certain amount of closure as well.  I made a thermos of soup and one more of coffee for him to take and told him to be sure to have it or he'd feel worse.   He didn't argue.

Sis called me to see how I was doing, and I hadn't realize it but the headache was still vaguely in the back ground, so I rested but suggested we get a very large order of War Won Ton Soup, she said she would get it and a loaf of sourdough French bread, so I'm putting the butter dish out later so it will be soft enough.

Soup and bread, with some warm apple sauce comfort food, no wine tonight, but tea something soothing for the head and stomach I think.

I could hear the vague banging being done on Sis's house, they are working on the back portion to create her tropical paradise, I thought the banging would bother me as I sat out on my back porch but instead it became a sort of white noise and I fell asleep in the outdoor recliner with Belladonna next to me.  After an hour I woke up feeling much better and able to prepare the thermoses for Doyle.

I have soothing classical music on, and am still puttering around, doing little things that one forgets to do, and now I'm taking a tea break.   Doyle won't be home for a while, exactly when he didn't say, but at least it's easy to heat up soup.

Last night waiting for Doyle I watched "Sleepy Hollow" and it was good I recorded it for Coralline, but I don't want to talk about it now.

Althought there is another new show premering tonight I'll record it, I don't think any of us wants to watch televison tonight and my Sister indicated she'd prefer to talk or put together a jigsaw puzzel, she said her paperwork could wait.  Yes, for tonight somethings can wait.

Later Darklings

Sometimes a little alone time helps

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  1. So sorry to hear about the tragedy that your Doyle dealt with....very sad indeed.

    Your idea of comfort food and peaceful music sounds perfect.