Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Of Fire and Wine, the Munster House and Food paired with movies~~~~

I know Darklings, what a strange combination.

But at the moment I have those things upper most in my mind.

First let me speak of wine,  yesterday evening a friend of mine came by to drop off a surprise present to me.  In was in "thanks" for a favor I had been able to do for him, I told him it was not necessary to give a gift, but he was very appreciative and because of this favor it had helped him immensely.

And what was the gift?  Two bottles of wine "Bewitched" Pinoe Noir 2010 (very hard to find right now) and "Bewitched" Chardonay,  these wines come wrapped in a 'bewitching' wrapper which includes suggestions as to what meals to pair the wines with.   I had the Pinoe Noir last year and found it very flavorful and wonderfully complex 4 out of 5 stars in my book.  I've not had the Chardonay but we will.   My friend also gave me a bottle of "Curious Beasts" Red, he knows I am intrigued by wines with bizarre names, and to have it in my Apothecaria (wine celler) on display and waiting would intrigue any curious person.

After giving his gifts we made arrangements to have dinner sometime soon before he leaves town on business.  It's good to have friends like that.

Since I know that the Pinon Noir is hard to find, if I like the Bewitched Chardonay and the Curious Beast I will stock up.   Doyle misses the Beer that was served with the Elvira label although I did keep the six pack and empty bottles and have them on display in the Apothecaria as part of the "dead and gone".

On a side note,  the family in Texas (I believe they are the McKee family) that build a duplicate of the Munster house will be having their annual Munster halloween tour, one weekend only, to raise money for charity,  I mean a family going through all 70 espisodes of the Munsters, hunting photo's, counting steps to get an idea of size, is very dedicated, they even have a "Spot" under the stair case.   I wish we could go and take a tour but alas not to be, at least this year, who know about next.   I will include a link for it for those who may have the chance.

And now about the fires, at last notice the Yosemite Rim Fire is about 80 percent contained and they may have it completely out by the end of this month.   Already conservationists are moving in to see what can be done to prevent irrosion,  Yosemite itself has been spared, but it was very devestating.

And speaking of devestation, we have our own local wildfire on Mt. Diablo, approx 30 miles east of us, the fire started accidently, a spark from a chain from a tow truck, that is how dry everything is, they are calling it the Morgan fire because it began on Morgan road,  people have evacuated their homes, moved their animals including horses out of the area, for some people near the community of Clayton, they only had a few minutes, for one man he had time to grab his wallet and keys and drive out.   Some people driving to Walnut Creek at night said that the mountain looked like a valcano,  I've included some shots of it.

At this time I've heard that it's 45 percent contained but the air quaility is affected.

Everything all around is so tinder dry and flamable, even around our own homes,  I've had my gardener make sure to remove all the dry brush from those flowers that have withered, and I am concerned about the firewood that I have stacked to the rear of the property, all it would take is some evil person sneaking in and doing malicious mischief.   I'm glad Doyle put in those sensor lights and motion camera's.

Our only concern is our local 'crazy person' but he's been quiet lately, rumor has it that family members are looking into ways to have him removed and put into a sort of half-way house.  As I understand it, the father is not in very good health and its too much for the Mother to care for him,  family members have been coming over to help out, even staying the night, everyone rotating, I'm glad that the mother has such a positive supportive family.  And considering how the family members saw how our Crazy was acting out to the point that it required 6 police officers, they know they have to do something.  That is why I'm holding off on the Restraining Order. 

Doyle went out and purchased several skeletons from Spirit, he's really getting into the "spirit" of Halloween, he has ideas for less frightening displays, I'm not going to stop him.  I've done my own personal shopping and bought a new pair of fangs,  and tonight after dinner I'm going to put on Revlon's "Devil's Lure"  I'm so glad I bought two bottles when I had the chance.  I also have a gloss by Revlon called "Forbidden" so I am prepared and looking forward towards Halloween.

And now the timer on the crock pot has gone off,  I'm cooking something very mundane,  Beef Stew, to be served over rice,  a simple salad with ice berg lettuce and pomogrante dressing,  Doyle will chose the wine, but for desert, mango sherbert with dried cranberries or vanilla ice cream with a topping of preserved apricot haves with their syrup, to be followed by one possibly two Noir Films and coffee.  And what would go with Beef Stew?  Hmmm "The House on 92nd street" and "Calling Northside 777".

Doyle thinks we should pair our movies with food, for example if we have spagettie we should watch a spagettie Western afterwards,  if it's chilli then "Blazing Saddles",  if it's steak then a "James Bond" film or other spy movies.  Do you see what I'm getting at Darklings.

So what would go with Pizza and jug red wine or milk shake (ewu what a combination) well I'm thinking "Dr. Goldfoot and the Girl Bombs" or "The Ghost and Mr. Chicken"---no that should be with chicken wings.  Well you get the idea.

But still even I like the idea of pair food with a movie, one does have to get creative, and speaking of creative  I am soooo looking forward to the T.V. primer of "Sleepy Hollow"  the idea of it sends darkish shivers up and down my spine.  Hmmmm I wonder what food would go with that?  Something I'll have to think upon.

Later Darklings
This is the fire on the rim of Mt. Diablo


  1. Wonderful post...I love pairing dinner with a movie. Sometimes the movies have distinctive food and I look to that for ideas for dinner.

    I also have a nice collection of interesting wines. I always love Vampire wine, and Zeller Schwarze Katz known in our house as "Black Cat" wine.

    The new tv season looks to have some excellent viewing with the new seasons of "American Horror Story: Coven", "Hannibal" and of course "Grimm". I have seen the preview for the upcoming "Sleepy Hollow"...we will have to see if it turns out to be as good as they keep hinting:)


  2. You Know Dear Rebecca, I never thought of looking what is being served in a movie, that is a wonderful idea.

    And Black Cat wine "Le Chat Noir" I'll have to look for that.

    And yes I too am looking forward to the new season, I can hardly wait.

    Take care and Happy Shivers. ;)