Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Of a Busy Fun weekend, and Family situations~~~

Hello Dear Darklings,

We had such a busy weekend, and all to the good I might add. I saved our experiences and thoughts on a flashdrive and am finally able to upload it to my blog.

Coralline was dropped off Friday, by her parents and she greeted me with a BIG Hug, saying “Thank You, I don’t think I could take my brothers one more day and if it rained tomorrow and I was home with them (meaning her brothers), they would drive me crazy.” I had to agree with her on that, they don’t do rainy days very well.

When Doyle came home she greeted him with a big hug as well, and then asked if he could help her with one of her assignments, he said he’d join her, just give him a chance to put some things away and I watched her go happily into the Library.

I turned and saw tears forming in Doyle’s eyes, but he was smiling, then quickly wiped the tears away and hung up his jacket and hat. (Yes Darklings he loves to wear a fedora), then he joined Coralline in the Library, while I went and finished dinner.

Marissa was also invited to dinner and for the evening so her parents could have an evening out, it was a good thing, between the three of them Coralline’s assignments were done quickly.

I decided upon Lasagna which the girls dug into with relish, Marissa asking if she could have the recipe to give to her mother as her Mom’s although good, always seems to come out watery, I noticed that Doyle’s appetite was coming back as he asked for a second helping.

Coralline told me that she didn’t have a chance to see “Sleepy Hollow” her Dad and brothers wanted to watch something else, her mother gave in but told my brother that they were going to have to invest in another T.V. as my brother in his upside down wisdom, forgot to record the program for both Coralline and her Mother and they were unaware of a repeat of the program.

I know that because she called me the other day to vent her frustration about her husband, my brother. So I said “buy another T.V. put it in the living room, in a locking cabinet so the boys can’t get to it and keep the key on your key chain and then maybe get the boys tested for ADS or something because their behavior is becoming out rageous,” she agreed but first, was to get my brother to admit it---I said to take him to parenting class, that his testosterone attitude was not making for a happy daughter or wife.

She asked if all four of us could do an intervention. Four? Sis, me, her and Doyle. I thought it would be a very good idea and I’d talk to them about it. Ahhh another soap opera on the family will be happening soon I think.

Marissa was glad I had recorded it because she wanted to see it again “It went by too fast” she said.

Well that program has 4 fans already. It is such an interesting twist to the Washington Irving story. For those of you who don’t know it but the town of Sleepy Hollow does exist and has made the legend of the Headless Horseman a tourist attraction.

In the 1940’s Walt Disney did an animated short with Bing Crosby as the narrator and the short remained very close to the original Tale, but never tells why there is a Headless horseman. As always the Horseman has a weakness, in the original tale anyone pursued by the horseman had to cross a particular bridge over running water and the horseman cannot follow.

Later Johnny Depp did that wonderful movie on the story, only in this case if a person possessed the head of the horseman they’d control his spirit to do their bidding but if the horseman regained his head he could return to hell permanently taking the person who had the head with them.

Now this T.V. program SLEEPY HOLLOW----I like it!!! A new twist on the battle between good and evil, the back story is going be very interesting...----if they can twist up the stories about Fairy tales they can do this with the old Washington Irving story and American Revolutionary history.

The CGI on the headless horseman is perfect, none of that prop shoulders on a head, and the girls and I love the Horse it’s just as much an actor as the cast.

But one has to suspend belief on how a man who is 250 years old can adapt to the 21st century so readily and how a police department Captain can quickly say "O.K. we need this guy" but, well, they have to cram that all in within 48 minutes (have to have time for commercials) and they give the Horseman a weakness, which is sunlight.

It’s just like "Supernatural" twisting up the old ghost, monsters and angel legends. I just hope FOX doesn't sabotage it like they did with "Alcatraz" and a couple of other shows that I liked with making the programs disappear for weeks on end with Sports games. They never did allow those shows to develop their "legs".

All four of us could hardly wait for next Monday! Coralline has asked me to always record it, so I’m going to set this DVD disc aside to keep the episodes on it.

As I said, in the TV. Show sunlight weakens the Horseman, and he has to return to his dark underwater grave (which makes it hard to find him) but its important that he not regain his head, otherwise it will release the other 3 horsemen of the apocalypse. This really beefs up the story line.

And it seems that Crane and the Horseman and bonded to each other, because when Crane decapitated the horseman, the horseman sliced open Crane’s chest and while both of them sort of dying, their blood flowed out to commingle, to create a supernatural bond, giving Crane a sort of immortal life.

There are two factions of witches, good and evil, one of the good witches was Cranes wife who was burned at the stake by lies of the evil witches, the other good witch was a priest/monsignor who either managed to live a long life or was a many generations descendant, who in the opening episode tried to turn the horseman back with magick but was killed.

Crane and his 21st century partner a female police officer, finds the horseman’s head and for now is currently re- hidden. There are some symbols and such which indicated who might be on which side but I think there will be surprises. There are a few things or images that I think maybe too gruesome and intense for the very young, and may give them nightmares, which is why it’s on at 9 p.m. and not the family hour.

I promised myself to be sure to buy the series DVD when this comes out, and although Doyle thoroughly enjoyed it, he also had to be a critic on police procedures which he always does on any police procedural show, including CSI. I don’t argue with him, I just hold up my hand and he saves the criticism for the commercials time. It works.

Yes, the next day it poured rain in the morning, but Doyle drove carefully to the Vintage Expo. And we had a lot of fun, Marissa had hoped to come with us but her parents had another commitment to go to, Coralline’s eyes just popped out at all the beautiful things, she fell in love with a very dark blue cloth purse from the late 40’s or early 50’s and we found a matching hat, when I put the hat on her she suddenly looked so grown up and yet a child, we talked about the hat and purse and I decided to buy them for her for later for her to use when she’s a little older, I can tell that she will have a slim figure like her mother and I, so it won’t be a problem to find vintage clothing for her, she may even, in time be able to use mine.

But she so wants to find a suit, shoes and gloves to match her hat and purse, already a vintage maven. But I told her she is just turning 13 and is not fully grown yet, any clothing items purchased now would become too small, shoes included and she is not an adult ---YET….but I think we’ll come to a compromise.

Such an awkward age, still a child in many ways and slowly becoming an adult, her friend Marissa is still finding herself as well. I think the only thing that helps the both of them is that they are still very family oriented, Marissa doesn’t have the “problem brothers” that Coralline has, but she feels she is in competition with her older brother although her parents say to her that her talents are different and that there is no comparing, and they seem to be very good on that.

Coralline is sort of “outgunned” because she has three high energy brothers and her outlook is different, artistic, some times dreamy. While her brothers are rough and tumble, given to pranks and jokes. Fortunately her Mother is seeing the problems this can cause, but my brother is enjoying the maleness of it and forgetting there is a young girl in the house. I think he is still mentally compensating for the fact that our older brother died right at the time when an older brother was needed, and having to be in a house with two older sisters, Mother, Grandma and Dad, well Dad did make time for my brother which was good and they had their special days and times together away from female interference.

Sis and I have talked about that and we have come to that conclusion that our brother is over compensating for that loss, but forgetting that it is a situation in reverse. Yes an intervention is going to be needed. We’ll have to make plans.

Doyle found a couple of Fedora’s he liked at the Expo as well as some interesting period ties, myself, well Darklings, I found a beautiful evening gown in a very deep dark purple, the color was very flattering to my fair skin. And also a lovely 1940’s suit in Maroon with a matching fascinator hat. I know in my closet I have a matching pair of shoes and purse, gloves were a problem, but something will turn up.

Sunday was beautiful and sunny after the rain so we went to early Mass, and had breakfast out before we went to the Harvest Festival. The grounds and such were a bit soggy but not too bad. So many crafts, food, music, already it’s beginning to hint of Octoberfest. I found some things that will be perfect to put up for now and for Thanksgiving. It was just so much to take in, afterwards, we went home tired but happy.

I was glad I had Monday off, my work schedule has changed now that I’m working half time, so I was able to go through things to donate to charity while my cleaning service vacuumed and dusted, and considering my back I am so glad for their help.

Doyle told me Monday evening after he came home from his office, he was so glad we had the girls over, it has helped him a great deal.  And he told me to plan on packing my bag in a week we'll be going to Old Town Sacramento for an extended weekend, I am so looking forward to it.

Sis came home on Tuesday after having a lovely extended weekend with her family and Grandchildren. She’s planning on seeing them between Thanksgiving and Christmas, that way she says she won’t interfere with their plans with the in-laws.

Already so close to the Holidays, Harvest Fest, OctoberFest, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Dickens Fair, Christmas festivities, New Years….where has the year gone?

Later Darklings


  1. An intervention...sounds like a good idea. Sometimes family have to step in and be...well, family. A happy home has to be happy for everyone. Good luck to all of you.

    I am like Sleepy Hallow as well. The first episode felt a bit rushed but the 2nd evened out and I am totally ready for more. The plot is nice and complex and I love a great strong female lead. The male lead is handsome and funny so all in all, I hope the season keeps getting better.