Thursday, September 5, 2013

Of thinking about a "Restraining Order"~~~~

Well My Darklings,

It seems I have a dilema, our neighbors' son is now using an innoncent "third party" to harrass us.  Ever since the last altercation he has been getting progressively worse, but foxy enough to just stay out of the hands of the law.

The 3rd party is now aware of what is happening and will no longer be used as a pawn.   Part of my problem is that I did not get copies of the previous incident reports so not knowing the incident numbers and given the volume that our local PD has it would be impossible to get all that information.

I've been advised by both our Police and my lawyer to seek the restraining order.  I'm loath to do it, but Doyle says we may not have a choice given the fact that the parents of our crazy person are in the early to mid-70's and the Father may not be in the best of health, the Police said that by having the Order that it is a tool that they can use should Crazy get worse.

I feel sorry for the parents, they are nice people, but with such a burden upon them.

I think I will get the paper work but I will go slow on filling it out, I need to see what will happen in the next couple of weeks.

I'm weighting the situation, if anything happens to the Father and Crazy does blow up, its possible that the police will have recourse to remedy it, given that Crazy's sisters want nothing to do with him and are more quick to take action than the parents.

However if I do have a restraining order served on him, it could aserbate the situation and Crazy will blow up anyway, possibly worse. 

I'm damned if I do and I'm damned if I don't.   I will get the paperwork forms and have them ready to fill out, but I'm going to have to give very serious consideration to the problem.

Not a happy situation to be in, not at all.

Later Darklings
This situation is giving me SUCH a headache!

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