Friday, September 6, 2013

Of Starting to put together the Graveyard~~~~

Well Darklings,

I only worked a half day today.   And the heat is picking up, yes it seems we will have a mini-heat wave.  Well for those of you who do not live in the San Francisco-East Bay Area (mostly out of state)  our Summer around here really doesn't happen until September/October.

Of course if you just go North-South or Further East, anytime in Summer you will immediately be hit by the heat.  But not here, I think that is why so many people crowd here, unless one is looking for a job in Silicon Valley (near San Jose approx).

I took the Bus home, just to get the feel of riding over this new bridge, I'm still not use to it, I miss my old worn-out friend.  But just as I got home Doyle pulled up in his car.  Asked me if I had any ideas for the Graveyard, and I thought a few tabeaus----he wants to get the really grusome one and I said "Are you trying to give the kiddies a heart attack??"  Considering the layout of the property, we could have one area that is more kiddie friendly and then for the more adventurous the grusome scenes.

But what I really like is the Zombie Gnomes,  well Gnomes are a bit terrifing anyway, but Zombie Gnomes----sorry Darklings but I really like that.  So well have headstones up with Zombie Gnomes and ghost ducks and zombie dogs and cats and deer and a Zombie parrots, a friend of ours is going to rig it up with a repeating phrase "Polly wants a finger, Polly wants an eyeball, Polly wants BRAINS".  

But we will have warning signs up for parents saying which path to take with their little ones.  But if I know some parents they will come back and take the scarier path just for fun.

So much to choose from, the frightening fortune teller, the creepy dolls, the man in the electric chair,  so much.   Doyle is already getting out the metal archway to put at the front that says "Abandon Hope, Ye Who Enter Here",   he's also wondering if we can borrow a Hearse to park in front.   I'm wondering what has got into him to be so enthusiastic but he says if we can set up the static displays now bit by bit and also start decorating the house as well it won't be so tiring later on.  He does have a point there.

But I also told him that tomorrow all three of us are going Stove shopping, I have an idea of what I want for the kitchen to replace the temporary stove, and I have the measurements for the space so its just a question of where to find it, cost and installation.  I really am looking forward to this. 

Doyle went earlier today to get the paperwork for the restraining order, I'm still a bit hesitant on this, something keeps saying to me to hold off, as if something will develop.  But I have learned to trust my inner voice but to keep Doyle happy I will carefully fill out the paperwork but not date it yet, just to have it ready.

Our friend who also does various types of animatronic rigging has looked at the clock and said that he can fix it up so a bird comes out---a black bird-  But he said it would be best if it came out from behind the clock less chance of it snagging up and more space for the speaker and electronics, he wants to be able to switch it from bird to chimes or all sounds off and have it just tell the time.  One thing he does wish he could do is have a baby Loch Ness monster swim in my  outdoor fish pond,  it would be on a track.  It wouldn't be too bad because I moved my Koi to the indoor pond in the greenhouse to protect them from raccoons and such, and the outdoor one is mostly plants and a water fall,  and I did buy some fish tank skulls to place around the outdoor pond, so I told him that whenever he had time he could experiment away.

Well Doyle is ready to go to the Spirit Store, so I'll finish for now.

Later Darklings
We have the eye of newt, and tongue of frog, but you forgot the Ketchup.

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