Thursday, September 19, 2013

Of "It's a Quarter to Three"~~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Lucretia and Rebecca Thank you for your kind thoughts, they do help get us through the rough times, others have posted as well but asked to remain unknown but I thank every one of you.

Doyle is doing better, no more drunk binge's, but he's asked to not have wine for a while, he's afraid he'll get depressed again until he can process this.

Coralline will be over for the Weekend, her parents will be dropping her off on Friday, and she has to do her homework, Doyle is looking forward to the weekend with her.  Sis is going to visit her children in Sacramento and is leaving this afternoon, she says she wants to get ahead of the rain which threatens for the weekend.

So on Saturday the three of us are going to the Vintage Fashion Expo in the City, Coralline is looking forward to that as well as I and Doyle is happy just to get his mind off of things.  And Sunday we are going to the Harvest Festival at the County Fair Grounds.   Coralline wishes she could go to a Ren Fair, but I think we'll wait on that a bit.

We are all feeling just a bit better, my headache is gone, but I was a bit quiet at work yesterday fortunately my co-workers thought it was the after effects of the headache.

Some of you have asked me what does Doyle mean when he said to the Bartender "It's a Quarter to Three"

Well if you know Frank Sinatra it's one of his songs  about a man drinking all alone late in a bar, and about love   it starts with ..."Its a quarter to three, there's no one in the place except for you and me.  So set 'em up Joe, I've got a little story I think you ought to know....."    So the drinker is telling his story to the Bartender about his love life and about his Baby   and it ends " one for my Baby and one more for the road."

Doyle has known this Bar and this Bartender, for some years, and when he has a case that ends badly, he'll say to the Bartender "It's a quarter to three," and hands his car keys to the Bartender,  and the Bartender knows Doyle is going to be very drunk, and bit by bit some of the story will come out,  and then at a certain time he'll remind Doyle he needs to go home calls a cab, tells the cabbie the address and what he is suppose to do if its a unfamilar driver, some of the drivers know Doyle.

He's not a mean drunk, nor a maudilin drunk nor a happy drunk, he's a sad drunk trying to keep the nightmares away, but just wise enough to know that no one else should be inflicted by his state.  Fortunately it doesn't happen often, but this one was very bad, and Doyle came home last night with 2 bouquets of Red Roses, one for me and one for Sis, for putting up with his drunken state.  "For my Ladies" he said.  "For putting up with me, for not condeming me for my weakness, and for just being the best people in my life."  

Of course he said something very personal and loving to me privately.   That is why when this happens I understand and it will pass like a very bad lighting storm, in which the rain will wash away everything clean and make it fresh.  It could be months or a year before this will happen again.  And he's been there when I've had bad times as well.

Sis understands as well, "We are all human".

And now Coralline will be comming over and Doyle is happy about that, tonight he's going to call his children and check in with them and make arrangements for him to visit them either before or after Thanksgiving  "Bad to travel during the holiday period"   as well as we know.

Now I'm going to pick up my bag and things and go to work,  Doyle and I will have dinner in the city, my neighbor will keep Belladonna for the Day.  And tonight all will be good.

Later Darklings

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  1. I don't see an email address for you, so I'm just putting my question here. I got to thinking about Coralline over the weekend whilst looking at a card display. Do you think she would enjoy receiving a Halloween card in the mail? For the sake of her privacy, I could send it to you & then you could relay it on to her. Let me know what you think. My email address is (misses*dot*sander*at*