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Of Tequila and bizarre stories, a French Sweeny Todd?? ~~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well I am enjoying my nail polish color "Boxer Shorts" by ESSIE, I didn't think I'd like a lighter color but this is just perfect.

And FINALLY cool, breezy weather!  I have the back door open with the mesh screen and the front door open but with a locking screen door, I have one that can be put on and removed with the weather, usually it doesn't go on until June, but I had my handyman put it on early this year, and it will stay up until just before Halloween.

Doyle dragged out the window screens and we were putting them up on the windows upstairs to get as much ventilation as possible, especially the storage rooms on the top floor, it helps circulate the hot air out and cool down the house, but Sis thinks we should have a window air conditioner in the playroom/sewing room, so that one room can be really cool in case someone becomes over come with the heat, we have one of the old recliners in there for just in case.  But if we have the tribe over and there's not enough room I have those beds that inflate that works well.

So spent yesterday putting the screens up, went grocery shopping and put all the things way, but as I was unpacking Doyle brought in another bag and it "clinked" so I said to him "O.k. Mister, what's in the bag?"

Well while I was still putting things into the cart Doyle went and bought two bottles of tequila, called Kah Tequila, and they come in colorful skull shaped bottles, white, black and orange color and one with crystals on it, but Doyle only bought the white and black bottles.

Now I'm not much of a fan of tequila, except for an occasional margarita but I have to say they are a nice addition to add to the Crystal Vodka bottle.  So I think we'll be having margarita's for the summer.  And Apothtic wines have put out a Rose that we are going to try.

I wish I could do another Wine tour in the Fall but at this point I don't see how I can.

Especially since I've got my contractor started to build the "man cave" for Doyle that will be behind the garage.  But we'll see what we can do for mini-get aways.

My sister was at first thinking of putting in a Jacuzzi that looks like a waterfall but Brian gave her another idea, with all the maintenance of a Jacuzzi but only limited use, he suggested instead a garden with a water element but  have it so that one can walk under the waterfall and sit in a recessed spot while the water flowed over like a curtain, on extremely hot days it would be very cool, but could turn off the waterfall and just use an aeration system for any  common gold fish to be put into the pond.   In years where there's no drought problem could run the water fall, and years where there is a drought problem turn it off, even though the water would be re-circulating there is a certain amount of evaporation.

And to just put in gold fish since its outdoors, not expensive Koi, that would work said my sister as she wants to put out orchids that tolerate the outdoors, cymbidiums to give it a more tropical effect, and night blooming jasmine, and she has gardenia bushes planted as well.  Two Birds of Paradise to anchor the setting down, other exotic looking plants will be added, but she wants to go for scent that carries in the air. 

Her 1950's Tiki Room is coming along very nicely, and she's added an aquarium in it but is again using gold-fish.   Some of her clients find the room very relaxing and fun, which is a good thing for her work.

I was having so much fun the other day with the story of the delivery truck crashing and setting fire to a funeral home that I had hoped to find other bizarre stories, but they are slow in coming---except for this tid-bit.

Now Darklings do you remember the general story of Sweeny Todd the Demon Barber?  They made it into a musical with Angela Landsbury, did quiet well too.

Well everyone thought it was a story from England, and just a figment of an over active Victorian writer's imagination----but it is possible that the writer might have done some research and that the story might have come from France.

I am going to print it out here for you  the author of the article is Quinn Connors, who is a freelance writer who has recently relocated from Paris to Sydney. She is a former Editorial Translator for Vogue Paris and Contributor to the Vogue Paris Huffington Post UK blog.

And here is the story

Sweeney Todd de Paris: The Original Demon Barber
By Quinn Connors


Could it be that the original Sweeney Todd was not actually from Victorian London, but from Medieval Paris? Legend has it that the City of Lights and Love had its very own demon barber during the 14th century. And in fact, Paris was quite possibly the first home of cannibalistic pastries from a murderous barber-butcher relationship.

 On the Seine’s Ile de la Cité, before the Hotel Dieu hospital was relocated to the island, the rue des Marmousets was renowned for its delectable pâtés and meat pies. People came from far and wide for the succulent French delicacies – especially for those made by a butcher next door to a barber shop on the corner of rue des Marmousets and rue des Deux-Hermites. The pies and pâtés sold there were so tasty, due to a certain je ne sais quoi, that even King Charles VI was said to have been a fan.

From 1384 until 1387, this acclaimed butcher was in cahoots with his neighboring barber, turning a pretty penny on the special pâtés. What made his savories particularly good? The soft, scrumptious, young flesh of the victims of the demon barber of Ile de la Cité of course. The barber whose usual clientele of foreign students – who were less likely to be noticed missing – would give customers a close shave and send them down a chute to the basement he shared with the butcher. Down there, the butcher would prepare the human meat, grinding it up for his infamous spreadable pastes and meat torts. This sinister partnership thrived for three years, and would have continued if it wasn’t for a poor pup whose owner never returned from the diabolical barber.

Abandoned, the dog waited outside the shop, whimpering and barking for the man who had now become a delicious, spreadable meat paste. Eventually the wife of the victim found the family pet, but he refused to abandon his vigil at the barbershop. With her husband nowhere to be found and her dog’s new obsession with the local barber, the woman felt that something seemed fishy, er meaty, so she went to the police who conducted a search of the area. To the disgust of all, the police eventually uncovered a heap of human bones and flesh in the shared underbelly of the two shops.

 For their horrific crimes, the barber and the butcher were burned alive, along with their shops, so as to exorcise the area from their evil aura. A bronze dog statue was erected on the corner to commemorate the dedicated pup who cracked the case. With its gruesome history, the razed area was abandoned for a century until King Francois I allowed construction on the site. The bronze dog remained on guard until the mid-19th century when that area of the island went through its grand transformation into the present day Hotel Dieu.

 Today, even though the shop fronts and dog statue are gone, you can still visit the site of the first known Sweeney Todd at 20 rue Chanoinesse, which is now the Parisian Police Department’s motorcycle garage.

 A piece of the original stone foundation of the old building remained in the depths of the garage.
As I went to investigate, I caught the eye of a young officer. Assuming I was lost and had a question about directions, I caught him off guard when I asked him about the infamous murders and if the story was true. With a surprised look and a glint in his eye, he told me that that was the legend and some of the old building remained in the depths of the garage. So, if you’re lucky and speak with an officer on a good day, you can head down to the basement of the building to see a piece of the original stone foundation and feel the eerie chill left by the barber and butcher.

 Now, I dare you to go enjoy some delicious French pâté. After all, it is only a legend… Bon appétit!
Well even I would be concerned about who or what was in the pate after reading that, although I do make mine from chicken with sweet French bread, when I have the time.
But I just thought that would be of interest and I think I'll keep looking for other unusual and bizarre stories to "tickle your fancy".   Perhaps dear Darklings you can save them up and read them to your guests for Halloween. 
And now I'm going to brew some more Lavender Lemonade.
Later Darklings



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