Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Of Happy Birthday AGAIN Christopher Lee!!! and a mini-vacation~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Well Doyle said to me "Enough is enough it's Memorial Weekend Sunday and we're ottah here!!!"

Which sort of caught me off guard,  well this man went and talked to Brian and Brian happily baby-sat Belladonna and Weiner Dog for us,

Doyle told me to pack for two nights at least, chased me upstairs and not knowing where we were going but considering that if it was inland cool blouses, 1 slacks, my jeans (that I was wearing) 1 skirt, a simple sweater, warm jacket in case we went to the beach, 2 scarves, 3 sets of underwear, my work shoes, dress shoes, walking shoes AND a bathing suit.

Plus my parasol and a wide brim straw hat,  and the most necessary cosmetics.  I kissed the doggies good by and Doyle tossed me ( sort of ) into his van and we were off. 

I let him chose the route,  and just sat back and watched the scenery pass, knowing that Brian would make sure the house was secure and no water was running.

I'll just give a short description. We went north to wine country, stopped at several wineries, Doyle chose what wines he wanted and I was just along for the "ride" so to speak, we did go and see again "The Petrified Forest" and other tourists traps, but we were more like giggling kids, I had no idea where on this weekend we'd find a place to stay, knowing that most places would be booked up, but Doyle found a very nice Motel 6----Now I really prefer something far more upscale but it was Memorial Weekend and beggars cannot be choosers but it was a very nice, clean Motel 6 with friendly staff. 

We didn't return until later this morning to avoid the return holiday traffic and all ready I know that its the Summer (although its not official Summer until June 21) but with the Memorial Weekend  it is a signal for all the RV's to be let loose upon the highways and byways of these United States.

I thought at first Doyle was tense and our first evening away he admitted he was, just fed-up with feeling cooped up with work and such.  But he was relaxed considerably when we got home.

Sis is home from visiting her family and I was joyously met by our four-legged gang of 2.  Sis said no cooking tonight because she said to me "Do you Know whose birthday it is??" 

Of course !!!  It's time for our Christopher Lee, Peter Cushing, Vincent Price Birthday Celebration!!!

Which means that in the new few minutes we will start our viewing marathon, starting with "House of Long Shadows" (I hope I got the title right) it is the only movie where all three appeared together along with John Carradine,  to be followed by "Mad House" with Vincent Price, Peter Cushing and Robert Quarry, then "Horror of Dracula", "Dracula Prince of Darkness", "Curse of Frankenstein", "The Tingler", and whatever is needed to finish by midnight. 

So here we are Sis, Brian, Doyle, the dogs and Moi we are celebrating!!!

The late Peter Cushing's' Birthday is May 26, and both the late Vincent Price and the very much alive Christopher Lee are May 27.

If you look at my last year's post "Happy Birthday Christopher Lee" I have their records all laid out,
oh sigh---the only thing missing is having a Hearse Parked in front of the house with a Happy Birthday sign.

This year Sir Christopher Lee (yes Darklings he has been knighted) is 92 years old and he's done it his way.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU WONDERFUL TALL, DARK AND GRUSOME MAN, as we raise our glasses of Apothic Dark wine to your many achievements and may you have many more.


  1. OMG, I was up there this weekend as well! I drove through Napa and Calistoga on Friday to Clearlake, where my mom lives, and came back on Sunday morning. This was one of my weekends to go up and take care of her mail, her house, and visit her as she is still recuperating. Who knows, we might have passed each other on the road! Good thing you brought cool outfits, it was HOT up there!! Glad you had fun, I'm sure you had more than I did!

    It truly IS a small world... :-)