Friday, May 30, 2014

Of being amazed, "Maleficent", Lady Undertakers and Coralline~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well this is going to be a very interesting weekend.

First I am amazed, Christopher Lee for his 92nd birthday has put out a heavy metal album!!  Yes Darklings, heavy metal---at least he is experimenting with different music styles, I've heard him sing "O solo mio", and in a space movie he sang a rock song, as well as his version of "My Way", so I'm not surprised.   Alright maybe his voice is not as if he were 40 but give the Man credit I say.

And we are hoping Doyle, Coralline and I, to be able to see "Maleficent" its opened today and theaters but we are hoping for an early Sunday showing before the late afternoon crowds.   I am very eager to see it, I've heard there is talk of a "Maleficent II" but we'll see.

I've also spotted a Disney approved doll that I think I'll get for Coralline, but I've got to warn her mother to not give in.  I'll surprise her with it for Halloween.

And Trisha, Coralline called me this afternoon at work she is so happy to get a card from you, and yes she is happy to be getting out of school in a few days for the Summer, her folks are planning a road trip in their new RV, just after the 4th of July, they are going to do a couple of weekend ones to get use to it. 

Thank you for thinking of her, she gets so excited when she receives a card from you.

I am unwinding from work, Doyle is going to treat Sis and I to dinner, I have to confess with the wind blowing I have been sneezing from allergies but I do have medication for it.

Coralline has asked me to take her to a shop she's heard of,  minus her brothers of course, called "The Bone Room", I've heard of it, it seems they sell legal anatomical skeletons or casts of same and she is very curious about the place, I know where its location in Berkeley and there are other very interesting shops in the same area, so I think we'll make a day of it.

Who knows I maybe able to find some interesting things for my Cabinet of Curiosities.

And in a few weekends there will be a Vintage fashion show at the old naval air station,  Michaans auctions will be sponsoring it, I am soooo looking forward to it.

And now my Darklings, I have an author and book I can recommend to you for some delightful reading, that is if you are into Victorian lives, suspense, and Undertaking and funeral practices.

When I was at the Friends book sale I picked up a paperback that had an intriguing title "Lady of Ashes"  by Christine Trent, now she is no newcomer to historical novels and she researches very carefully, and I was from the very first page completely swept up into this novel of romance, suspense, Victorian history and a very Gothic practice of funeral practices.  I had a hard time putting it down.

So much so that I look forward to her next two books in this series.  I mean what can be more Gothic than a Victorian Lady Undertaker.  It is so perfectly Gothic, that I can't help but be amused by the subject matter.

And now Doyle has informed me that we will be leaving in 15 minutes, so I will refresh my makeup, and gather my cloak.

Later Darklings


  1. Oh, I've been to The Bone Room several times, it's wonderful! Some things are a bit expensive, but others are quite reasonable. Small and a bit cramped because it's so full of stuff, but well-lit and totally fascinating! I highly recommend it. :-)

    1. Wonderful, Lucretia!! We'll put it on our agenda of things to see. It sounds fantastic. Thank you.

  2. The "Lady of Ashes" books look good; I've added them to my "to read" list. Thanks!

    1. I think you'll enjoy them Trisha, I found the first book in regards to the funeral practices to be fascinating and I could not stop reading it either.