Thursday, May 15, 2014

Of the Heat, "Dancing like an Egyptian", Margaritas, Truck crashing into funeral holmes and Blood Tests~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well where do I start first???

I guess with the Heat, we had an unseasonable (although the weather man says it does happen) Heat wave here, and we are still getting through it.  There were some glitches with BART not much but enough to cause delays,  and the cooling system at work is so old it just could not handle it properly.

But at least we were out of the sun, the heat trapped in the "canyon's" of tall buildings makes it hotter, just blazing and inland it went to triple digits , it still high today.

Down in San Diego there having fires destroying homes, and we've been having problems as well,
I think the heat has affected some of the staff.  Our boss said it was O.K to play music on the radio to get our minds off of the heat, the next thing I Knew several of our staffers, Hank, Chris, David and Josh, went dancing across the room with towels on their heads like Ancient Egyptians and were dancing to "Dance Like an Egyptian", you know with all those crazy stiff arm movements, and then Brenda brought out non-alcohol Margarita's Lots of Ice.  It tasted good,  the boss gave up and said "If you get some work done I'll over look this."  We did, but it was fun.

I wore my long cool black cotton clothing, wore a black straw hat, used Neutrogena's Sun Screen at SPF 100 level and also used my black parasol, this pale skin is not going to get a tan, I do have to look my Elderly Gothicness.

If any of you have seen my earlier posts about Dark color clothing being able to block the sun's rays, do re-read it.   And I bought several bottles of Neutrogena's SPF 100 Sun Screen, Summer is starting early and the heat is making people crazy, even me.

There has been a lot of grief in the news and a few surprising things, but I think one of the more bizarre is a truck delivering supplies to a Starbucks lost control and crashed into a 90 year old Funeral Home, the truck caught fire and burned up the outside stucco of the building but nothing was damaged inside----as least no deceased customers had an unexpected cremation, and the person who lives above the funeral home and is a caretaker (a woman) was not hurt, the driver and passenger survived with minimal injuries.

The owner of the family owned and run funeral home, said that the Stucco facing prevented the fire from spreading and gave the firemen time to get there and prevent it from doing interior damage.

I've always remarked to people who drive pass me at a high rate of speed "Slow down, they'll hold the funeral for you!"  But Starbucks and a funeral home????  I love the bizarreness of it.

Well Coralline and I have chosen the nail polish color for Summer, she insisted I not wear a very dark color for the Summer Months, telling me that after Labor Day it would be perfectly alright.

I, of course, raised my eye-brows at this edict but decided to see where this would lead,  Well for Mother's day we got to my Brother's house for the Bar-b-Que but it looked like the grill was going to be fired a bit later in the evening and frankly with the weather it worked out just fine. 

Where my brother lives there's a CVS less than a block from the house, so making sure Doyle, the dogs and our elderly neighbor were comfortable, Coralline and I took a walk and there we looked at all the newer nail polish colors being offered for the Summer.

Most of them were too bright or glittery for me and I wasn't happy with the grey greens, and Coralline didn't want me to wear reds or corals or bright greens so we were looking at the blue palette and finally with the ESSIE brand we settled on two colors both a sort of Periwinkle Blue but one was slightly lighter than the other, I settled for "Boxer Shorts" and Coralline went with "Teeny Bikini" (the lighter color).

The shade is just right for Gothicness with a Summer bent, darkish but not too dark and not to light, Summery without being dull.  Coralline gave her whole hearted approval.  And at the Schools she's at for the last few weeks, they will permit color nail polish, and bright and fun hair clips, with the School Uniform. 

Frankly the color goes with almost everything I wear from blacks, greys, dark blues, dark purples, deep maroons.  So I'm all set as they say.

The bar-b-que was hosted by my brother and Doyle and the Boys, us women folk did not have to lift a hand, they even did the clean up although Coralline did have to help, after all she said "Its Mom's Day".

My Sister had a lovely time visiting her children and Brian had a chance to see his kids as well, but I do have to say on the way there and back we saw a lot of places with long lines of people waiting to eat.   Thank goodness the weather was great for a bar-b-que.

Then the Heat Wave---Oy Vey!!  and the Silliness Oh Boy!! But what can you do??

I took today off from work because I had to go to the lab for fasting blood work, Doyle is having a problem with the car, it was the starter motor, so here I am fasting, fasting, getting a headache, getting light headed and all I can do is drink water when I'm dying for coffee and a aspirin.

And because of my light headedness I don't dare drive, so Doyle calls the repair shop and has the car towed in and fortunately its near the hospital, so the owner loans his car to us and Doyle drives me there and when I get there the lab has moved, so I've got to walk a block and a half in the heat, for some vampire to take blood out of me,  But she made it painless remarking how nice and hydrated my veins are, and loved the color of my nail polish and where did I get it. 

Well that was nice.

 I had taken my coffee that I had made and put into a heat container, with me, as soon as I gave 3 vials (one was large) of blood and the Urine sample, I started gulping that coffee ignoring that it was still hot, it tasted so goooooooooooodddddd and topped it with an aspirin.  

We drove back to the repair shop and miracle of miracles they had a spare starter motor in stock and we were on our way, but Doyle did take me to lunch at our old retro-favorite the Merritt Coffee Shop, and even though it was lunch time I wanted Bacon and Eggs with whole wheat Toast---I know heart-attack city---But there are times when I don't care.   

Now I'm unwinding, Sis called and said she was picking up the fixings for a nice spinach salad with the pre-cooked grilled shrimp from Trader Joe's, We all ready had lavender Lemonade on ice, and Doyle took the insulated bag with some blue ice to buy Lime Sherbet for dessert.  

Tomorrow night we are going to the Friends of the Library Book Sale out at the old Navy Base, I'm so looking forward to that, one never knows what treasure one will find.

And now I'm going to flop on the couch with a fan on me, we have a box fan at floor level for the dogs and we are going to get cool and nap till dinner time.

Remember My Darklings Neutrogena SPF 100 Sun Screen.

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  1. OMG, when I read this: "as least no deceased customers had an unexpected cremation", if I'd been drinking something I'd have snorted it out my nose!!! ROFLMAO!!! That was hilarious!! And seriously, that WAS a very weird story, glad no one was hurt.

    I agree, this heatwave is nasty, especially for Those Who Prefer the Dark. I'm fortunate to have an office in an air-conditioned building, but we have NO a/c at home, so it's fans for us as well. Hope your headache is gone now. Fortunately it's supposed to cool off by almost 20 degrees tomorrow, may it be so!