Thursday, May 22, 2014

Of Darth Vader, Maleficent, man-caves and Sam Spade~~~~~

Hello Darklings,

I only worked a half day today and am taking a long weekend vacation, I do not have to be at work until Wednesday----Oh wonderful fun! 

I plan on doing at least 1 possibly 2 day trips.  My Sister is going to visit her children in Sacramento but Brian will be house sitting, and he said he'd watch Belladonna and Weiner Dog if I decide to take those day trips.

Coralline and her family are going out of town as well to visit my sister-in-laws relatives, in Santa Barbra, it should be fun, the boys are finally learning to behave themselves and Coralline is looking forward to seeing at least one or two historic sights. 

Doyle's work has eased up a bit, right now it's mostly background checks, which he can do from home.  He has his own line and computer to do that.  That way he keeps his business expenses separate from home use.  I think eventually he'll move it to his "man-cave" once the work is completed.  He found the perfect door for it.  It's right out of an old 1930's office building, a pebble glass inset with the bottom half made of  wood, and it appears to be heavy oak,  the pebble privacy glass is smooth on the outside but pebbled on the inside, I told him he doesn't want to expose it to the weather.

So in talking to my contractor he said it would not be a problem to create a recess in the building, so there'd be an outer door and the inner door, the recess would be like a mini-lobby to protect the oak door from the weather and could be used to hang wet coats and such, I could see how Doyle's mind is working, right now the door is stored in my nice, dry basement, but I asked Doyle what was he going to do with it.

He replied "I'm going to have a sign maker do a design on it like from the movie the Maltese Falcon and have it say "Spade, Archer & Doyle Investigations".   Well I did a slight inward groan, but also thought, why not, if you're going to have a man-cave have fun with it.

And we'll have fun looking for the proper furniture and accessories to go with it.

Last night Sis, Brian, Doyle and I were playing dominos'  chicken foot dominos, I like the strategy of the game, but some how the conversation got turned around to improbable pairings---and it got sillier and sillier and we were laughing too hard to focus on the game.

And then an idea came to me when Sis said something about the new movies coming out and the new Star Wars sequel,  and I said "Could you imagine if Darth Vader met Maleficent, and they got engaged, married and had a child?"  

Brain said "That would take things to a whole new world".   And we were off again, about Lukas films and Disney and the franchising and everything. 

And the Doyle said "But think about it, it would be the perfect Goth wedding of the Century, I mean, how could you plan that one???"

I will leave the idea's to your fertile minds, my Darklings

Later Darklings

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