Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Of "Hannibal" the finale~~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well as dinner finishes in the crock pot, and the salad is chopped and tossed, I cannot look at my kitchen island (with its chopping board) without envisioning last weeks chapter of "Hannibal", the actor who plays him is so marvelously evil, but even I found myself repulsed by what was portrayed.

But in some ways it does tie in with the movie, the fact that somehow in some way Hannibal persuades people has me thinking of personalities such as Jim Jones, Charles Manson, Adolf Hitler, the leader of that cult that willingly took their lives in Los Angeles because a Comet had passed the earth.

We see it perhaps in a milder sense in "flash mobs" and in mobs in general, such as the "Occupy" groups, especially the one's in San Francisco and Oakland with their senseless destruction.

But we do it too by believing in causes when we are fed mis-information deliberately and yet when the real information is presented it is denied by the masses.   We see it in politics, we see it with performers, we see it in religious fanaticism, we see it in fashion or following the latest techno craze, we see it in advertising to persuade us that this is the way to go or to do or something.

And we find ourselves pushed over the cliff like lemmings, who if they survive the fall swim out to sea to drown.

Only the wise ones survive by turning aside, by investigating the truth, by asking why, by not following the "sheep". 

I think if someone does an in-depth study of this series and the character's motives from a psychological view point I think we'd gain a further insight into the dark souls of people, and what they secretly do not show to the world and how people en masse can easily be led to the proverbial slaughter house.

If it didn't make me so depress I'd re-read  George Orwell's "Animal Farm"   Orwell wrote the book from November 1943 – February 1944, when the wartime alliance with the Soviet Union was at its height and Stalin was regarded highly by the British people and intelligentsia, a circumstance that Orwell hated.   Stalin was a gross man and the intelligentsia was fooled and foolish.

So much for intelligentsia.

Frankly there I times when I am disgusted by the "blind-sheepness" of Society in general.

Perhaps that is why sometimes a disturbing program like "Hannibal" and even "Blacklist" is needed just to make the public a little uncomfortable, just to make them squirm a little in their complacency.

No Darklings I have not been drinking, but I have been thinking----Doyle says I need to watch "Supernatural" and enjoy the good looks of "Sam and Dean Winchester". 

Hmmmm there are times when I love Doyle a lot, he keeps me from becoming too morbid.

Later Darklings

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