Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Vacation Diary Part 4~~~~~

Well Darklings,

I finished my last day up in the Napa wine country with a flourish, and maybe did a bit too much, but with so many things to see on the last day I did not want to miss a minute of it.

Getting up early and having a quick breakfast, I left to go to my first event, which was a Senior’s Yard Sale of all things, funds raised go to various senior activities at this Senior Citizen Complex and I was very glad I got there, I did a quick look around and purchased a few retro items but my best haul was this one elderly lady that was laden down with a couple of heavy bags which she finally put on her table, it turned out that she had perfumes and colognes for sale, she couldn’t wear them because it caused her to sneeze violently, she had them priced so cheaply and many still were in their original boxes, I bought most of them for twice what she was asking.

I told her I collect perfume bottles, but really how often can one get a brand new, unopened Georgio Red, Bulgari or Elizabeth Taylor’s Black Pearls for $1.00 a bottle??!! Not often. So I paid $2.00 a bottle and as my Daddy would say “Made out like a Bandit!” Now some of the more girly, girly perfumes geared towards the teens, I left but I purchased 2/3’s of her stock. She said I was paying too much but I told her that it’s going towards a good cause and she was happy.

I did another quick walk around and then went to my next stop The American Folk Art Festival at the Madonna Estate Winery, they were featuring their release of their Hallo Vine Wine, an estate bottled 2007 Cabernet Sauvignon, plus a wine and chocolate tasting as well as excellent foods and artistic and antique items for sale, I had an early lunch there, enjoying the activity, sights and sounds, it was a wine fest for the eyes, ears, and taste buds; Proceeds to support a local community theatre. I bought a bottle of their estate wine, if nothing else to help support their efforts. It seems they have this every year at about this time of year.

From there I went to the “Just Be Claus” Fall Extravaganza at the American Legion Hall, again another fund raiser, and purchased some home made preserves, and some pot holders for my kitchen. It was handmade decorations and specialty foods and such for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, but there were some goodies I could not pass up.

I managed to get an early dinner at a Mom and Pop restaurant (more of a burger joint) that I came across, really a small place, and I wish I had written down the name, but I had the most delicious juicy hamburger with melting Swiss Cheese, and instead of fries they offered a refreshing Cole Slaw that made me think of some of the “burger joints” my Dad and Mom would stop at with us kids on a Saturday afternoon, I felt myself carried away to wonderful loving memories.

“Mom” told me that they get their meat fresh every day, “none that frozen stuff” she said and the same with the Slaw, they were in their late 60’s and I found myself chuckling when some other “ol’ timers” came in and I heard the words from “Mom” going to “Pop” calling out “Order Up! Burn two take them through the garden and put a rose on it!” which meant two hamburgers with lettuce, tomatoes and onions (the rose).

Another old timer came in grabbing a cup and pouring himself a “cuppa joe” then going to a booth to join the two other men. My order was “Burn one, take it through the garden forget the roses add Cowbells” which meant a hamburger with lettuce, tomatoes no onions but put Swiss cheese (Cowbells—Swiss) I felt as if I had been transported back in time, in a way I almost hated returning to reality but I knew I had to.

I finished up my excursion by going to a Jewelry Trunk show and Conn Creek Wine tasting at the Grand Hand Gallery, there were many one of a kind pieces, some a little pricey, but I found the most magnificent ring, it was worth going into debt for.

On Monday my trip home brought back the realities of the traffic and congestion that 880 has to offer, so it was a good thing that at Cordelia Junction I turned off and took a different route home, granted it can be a bear as well but nothing like dealing with going past University Avenue and Berkeley, that is total insanity. I quickly unpacked my car putting away my treasures in the cellar that I’ve had set up in the basement, and my preserves in my pantry.

Laundry was sorted and the first load ran, I called and left a message for Doyle that I was home, then I went to pick up my little Belladonna. She was soooo happy to see me. I gave my sitter some gifts for her and she told me of how things had been in the neighborhood. I made arrangements with her to baby sit when I leave again the following Sunday, Belladonna will not be happy, but on my next trip I plan to take her with me. Then home again, to face the mail and the bills. Doyle came by and said he would take me out to dinner so I’d not have to cook on my first day home and I snuck little Belladonna in her doggie carry all as well, I did not want to leave her home alone after I had been gone for so long.

Doyle made arrangements to have my car serviced and checked out, and make sure its running fine, bills paid, junk mail shredded, newspapers re-cycled. I shared with Doyle what I discovered and regretted that he could not come with me, but he has a case he needs to work on. But we’ve made plans to go back later in the year and with Belladonna.

Doyle said I looked refreshed and invigorated, I said that going on a trip is fine but one needs to be grounded in reality as well.

I know Darklings, did I do anything Goth? Not really with the exception of finding dark rich red wines, touring Castles, discovering the power of nature, and being totally hedonistic with massages and treatments from the Dr. Wilkerson Resort and Spa and at the Whitehouse Inn, it was so wonderful, that I really didn’t want to leave, so sybaritic. All I can say is that I will post their links and you can find your special “Lotus Land”.

On my next post, I’ll only be in Lodi but staying in two different locations. Doyle said I should look into the wineries in Livermore in the future. Livermore---home of the Livermore rodeo, cowboys and wine? Who knows?

I think next year I will tour North again to the Trees of Mystery and the Avenue of the Giants, become lost in the redwoods, walk along Moonstone Beach, perhaps spot Bigfoot, cut over to see the Devils Post Pile, who knows where my travels will take me.

Later Darklings

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