Saturday, September 15, 2012

Vacation Diary 5 A and mystery of Vera West~~~

Well Darklings,

I had fun for the last few days, I found a few more bits of information on the mystery of Vera West and totally updated that page.   All I can say is it gets more convoluted and strange.

My bags are packed, my car is ready for me to go on my next leg of my trip.

To Lodi, how mundane sounding, but I'm willing to give things a try.

Belladonna will go to her sitters tomorrow morning, she is not going to be happy that Mommy is gone again.

Doyle is going to stay at my house to collect mail and the newspapers.  I know, why doesn't Doyle take care of Belladonna, we'll he's on a case as well and cannot be distracted by a little demanding dog, even if she is cute.

I had fun last night at this Vintage Fashion Fair they also featured Steampunk clothing and jewelry, there was even a Steampunk Costume Contest.  Free Food, Free Drinks and a good time, and I found some very interesting things for my vintage clothing collection.

What will I find in Lodi, I haven't a clue, but I do have a few recommended places to try, which I will post when I return.

And while I'm gone for those of you who love mysteries, do read my updated Vera West page. 

For now Doyle has returned home and is insisting that we go to this sinister looking Chinese restaurant for dinner---not to worry I know the food is good,  it's just that sometimes I feel that either Terry and the Pirates, the Dragon Lady or Indiana Jones (2nd movie) may suddenly appear, oh well, a little excitement can spice up one life.

Later Darklings

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