Monday, September 3, 2012

Vacation Diary part 1~~~~

Hello Darklings,

I'm making use of the wifi here. 

Well Darklings, I've visited Sterling Winery yesterday and enjoyed several of their reds.  Hard to say which I liked best and I'm reluctant to suggest anything to anyone as it is always a personal taste, in my opinion.

But I did enjoy the Moonlight Dinner on the Napa Wine train Friday night, the food was good, the company excellent,  the wine delicious and the Moonlight on the vineyards intoxicating, it almost made me want to HOWLLLL---but I didn't.   I was lucky to have booked it so far in advance as this one does sell out quickly.   If you are into trains and wines, be sure to check out the Napa Wine Train and book well in advance.

I was staying at a Best Western In At The Vines, lovely place.  But in the next hour I'm going to going to the Whitehouse Inn and indulge in a bit of hedonistic relaxation and stay there for the next 4 days.   I'm planning on a Napa River Cruise as well and I've added another winery on my list.

I've called my baby sitter and my 4 legged baby, Belladonna is doing fine, misses her Mommy but is being spoiled with walks and treats.

I hope to be able to find wifi service and tell you more of what I've seen and done.  But now time to check out and on to my next locations.

Later Darklings.

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