Thursday, March 12, 2015

Of Updates on the "Mystery of Vera West" and other things~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well this is going to be a little bit of a short post.

I very recently updated a few things on my Page "The Mystery of Vera West", granted it's not much but a few things came to light, so I incorporated it into my initial essay so its a bit different from when I first posted it.

I presented to Doyle what I found and he wisely told me that given the sloppy recorded keeping in the early to mid-20th century, taking into account fires, water damage etc. that could explain such gaps, and even movie studio's back in the day never thought that their records of their films and such were of any value, so much may have been tossed out.

Granted I'll accept that, but one would think that there would be something.  Now a days its much harder to hide one's pass, but then I do love a mystery.  Doyle did like what I did present, so many options for a mystery writer.   And to bring in the Black Dahlia as well.....

I have been busy, getting the curtains and drapes over to my sister-in-laws house, the curtains and drapes look lovely Chris and Coralline will be so surprised when they come over during the weekend.

We did have a bit of a busy weekend,  First thing in the early morning we went to the White Elephant Sale and we were lucky and found a number of useful things, it's a good thing we took two vehicles, Doyle's van as well as my Brother's was very useful, it did take two trips however, well three really, we kept finding stuff and then unpacking it was  like Christmas in a way even though we knew what we got, but seeing the surprise on everyone else's faces was so much fun.

Then using public transportation to get to China Town for the Chinese New years parade, the children loved it, all the pageantry and the huge dragon, and the Lion dancers, by the time we got home we were exhausted, as a matter of fact once we got into Oakland we called a cab and advised them how many passengers, and a large cab with jump seats showed up so we took it to my house, and Doyle handsomely tipped the cabbie.  The children fell asleep, so my brother and sister in law went home and we had the children sleep at my house and the next day we all went out for breakfast, banana and blueberry pancakes at our favorite cafĂ©. 

I know, it doesn't sound so Goth like, but true Elder Goths enjoy the enjoyment of living, much like the Hispanic Days of the Dead, we look at it right in the eye and laugh and enjoy things, for we don't own it, we only borrow it for a brief time and then we have to let it go, but to at least leave good memories for those we leave behind.  That is what a real Elder Goth does.

And now I have to go, I have to work this afternoon and must catch my bus.

Later Darklings.

And why not something Sweet for today.

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