Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Of "It's the Black Bird, Mr. Spade."~~~~

Hello Darklings,

I have been busy, and I think I may be busy this week as well, a number of children have this week off for the Easter or Spring break,  and it looks like I'll be called in.   I was yesterday morning so I am happy that my brother is going to have Easter Dinner at his house, his new/old Victorian house.

Last Tuesday evening Doyle and I enjoyed a wonderful evening out, we had dinner early, then took in "The Maltese Falcon" at the Classic Movie Series, afterwards we stopped for drinks at "Capone's".

Seeing it on the big screen gives you a better view point and understanding of all of the nuances of the film and having a bit of an in joke, knowing that Walter Huston (John Huston the Director's father) had a bit part of Captain Jacobi, stumbling in carrying the falcon and then dying on Spades' small couch.

One can see how people would think of it as the ultimate Noir Film, and so San Francisco.

Of course Doyle was looking carefully at Spade and Archer's office decor.

And it was such a HUGE Turn out for the film, the most that I had ever seen at this theater's Classic film series, and in the Lobby being admired was "The Black Bird" its self,  or at least an excellent replica.  People of all ages were crowding around admiring it as if it were a celebrity and in a way it is.  And they were taking pictures of it on their cell phone camera's, the iconic "stuff that dreams are made of"  all wrapped up in one stylized black bird.

I even heard several young people say "I'd like to have a copy of that". 

Of course Doyle had to dress up in his Fedora and Trench Coat, several people took pictures with him he looking like Bogie, and no Darklings I was not dressed up as Bridget O'Shaunnesy, although I wish I had, but I had just come back from work and didn't have time to change if we wanted to have dinner first.  My loss.

But I did find out where I could get a replica of the falcon so I'm going to order a copy of it to surprise Doyle I know he'll love it.   I mean if you're going to play then play.

This last Sunday was Palm Sunday, the start of Easter week,  I'm working my schedule out so I can be available for my brother and sister in law in case they need me to watch the children, although my brother made arrangements with his Uncle in law for the twins, but Chris and Coralline are of an age where they are more helpful than hindering.    But I will have to be called in to cover some mornings at work at least.

And Belladonna and Wiener Dog have an appointment with the vet this Thursday for their shots and general check up, they can be so fierce in other instances but for some reason at the Vet they become completely docile, I'm not sure why they become that way, Wiener Dog becomes fierce when Doyle gives him a bath but have it done at the Pet Beauty Parlor and he is as meek and mild as can be, and they say he's such a sweet boy, talk about Jeckle and Hyde.

So now its the spring festivities,  although the children are too old for Easter Egg hunts, they are not too old for chocolate bunnies, I've been up since "Oh My God It's Early!"  and I don't seem to do the early mornings like I use to, so nap time this afternoon for me while dinner slow cooks in the crock pot will be called for.

Later Darklings  


  1. Oh, the "black bird" will look great in Doyle's office! Happy Easter to you and yours, Rose!

    1. I hope you had a happy Easter as well Patricia, we had a lovely relaxing one.

  2. Oh, that is one of my favorite classic movies:) I would dearly love to see it on the big screen but we have very little of that kind of thing here.

    Is the source for the replica "Maltese Falcon" an online source? I would love to find a place to get one as well.

    1. There is a source for it, I'll post it as soon as I can find it. I do know it's not cheap, but it depends if you want it wrapped as if I came from the La Paloma or not. I've seen two sources, but one is much better than the other so I'll post the better one.