Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Of the Day After St. Paddy's Day~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well Doyle is still in bed nursing a "green beer" hangover, he'll be fine by this evening, tea and crackers will do him some good as well as Alka Seltzer but only after the fizzing has gone down.

I suggested that he sleep with a sleep mask and ear plugs and I have a bucket next to the bed for just in case he doesn't make it to the porcelain god's throne.  Oh well it's only once a year, and he always plans on taking the day after off.  I also disconnected the phone in the bedroom so it won't bother him.

We had a great time, corned beef and cabbage and I with gas during the night, sometimes so bad it startled Belladonna and Weiner Dog.  Yes Darklings Elder Goths do suffer occasionally from gas.

The green beer flowed, the songs were sung, the green was worn, and I was kissed a lot, especially by one young gentleman who was saying a lot of "blarney" to me, and worshiped at my feet, well actually he eventually passed out at my feet, but at least my shoes were spared any embarrassment.

I do picture a lot of headaches and people calling in sick today, fortunately not from my work, which means I will pass the day balancing the check book, paying bills, giving the dogs their twice daily walk.  Doing a couple loads of laundry.  And ordering Won Ton soup for my sick boy upstairs.

I've been catching up on the news and people are asking what is up in Napa?  In the space of less than 3 days there have been either found or newly shot no less than 5 different bodies, it seems as if there is some sort of epidemic of Murder in the Air. 

But one of my more metaphysical friends has said that as we get close to Spring there always seems to be an increase in sudden death's, as if the forgotten Ancient Gods demand it.  I'm more inclined to just say coincidence, but I do have to say that every year around this time it always seems to happen.

Fortunately I recorded last night "iZombie" my sister who decided to have a quiet evening told me this morning as she came over for coffee and eggs, before her first client, that it was quiet good, it quickly galloped into how she became a zombie, her visions how they work, solving a case, and the possibility that someone is really trying to create a zombie apocalypse.  The mixture of people making the core group of investigators appear to be very good.  Sis thinks it will be our Summer guilty pleasure and just fun Goth enough.  Well I'll watch it when I take a break, but Sis is usually pretty right about something like this.  So we'll see.

In the mean time my Dynamic Duo are demanding their morning walk and I need the exercise, so I'll just get my hat and my sun glasses and off we go.

Later Darklings

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