Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Of Curtains and hearing loss~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well the last few days have been busy but I have good things to give to my sister-in-law.  Thanks to a Friend of mine who specialized in vintage things and restoration, I was able to have the drapes for my nieces bedroom cleaned and restored with new backing and was able to find curtains with a very close match to the original pattern.

With the drapes for my nephews room she was able to find the same drapes in near perfect condition and put new sun resistant backing to them and was also able to find curtains to match as well.

I think the children will be pleased.  I know my sister-in-law will. 

At least we don't have to worry about the other curtains in the lower half of the house or the master bedroom as the elderly lady had taken care of that a few years ago, so now it will be selecting something appropriate for the Twins bedroom,  my brother said know those boys it would be best to not get anything too expensive, after they've grown up and leave the house then something better can be done. 

My brother and sister-in-law want to go and check out a few charity shops for a few things for the "club room" aka Victorian man-cave, so between the three of us and Chris and Coralline we are going hunting, we may find something and then again maybe not,  I've suggested the White Elephant Sale for starters, so we will hit that first---up early and exhausting, but may get lucky.

The twins will stay with Doyle and Brian, I pity them ---not the twins, Doyle and Brian. 

My sister has taken the train to Sacramento to visit her children up there, and they plan on driving down on Sunday and will be visiting for a week, fortunately between Sis's house and mine we'll be able to accommodate them,  it will be nice to see those nieces and nephews from Sis's side of the family it's been awhile. 

It's a working visit really,  checking out a few colleges here for the oldest boy, and my sister's son is going to be going to some sort of conference held in the city.  So they plan on taking care of several things at one time.   All in all a good thing.

Well I do have a hearing loss, I've not been in very loud environments, but in my early days I use to go to clubs that were loud and working in the city, on some of the commutes I have been and still am now subjected to loud sounds, and given my age (detestable word) some hearing loss is to be expected but it seems that it's tonal and directional as well as pitch.   Certain environments such as restaurants with hard walls and no softening are hard for me to hear like a Starbucks or Peets, the sound just bounces, outdoors in a softer area is fine.  Most movie theaters are fine. 

But in watching T.V. I'll need some assistance, so possibly a set of earphones plugs into the audio to help me, just have to make sure no one trips over the cords,  crowded places are also back and anyone or a group of people that "cross-talk" will have me lose the conversation.  People talking to me but are walking away I cannot hear, all conversations must be face to face.  I'm not ready for a hearing aid yet, but knowing about this I can compensate for. 

Being out in the woods, or a park is fine, I can hear the birds even the hummingbird when it squeaks, but it's area's with hard reflecting walls that makes it very hard to hear. 

But I've been told that there are times when hearing aids don't work in certain conditions, but my doctor is fairly certain that I'm not going to go seriously deaf as I've been over the years doing my best to protect my hearing, but that it would be more age related. 

Oh the vulgarities of old age.  But I refuse to give up or give in, I know what I can do and if I have to ask someone to repeat themselves it's because they do not know how to enunciate.  Because I certainly do understand very clearly what Sam and Dean Winchester are saying as well as Icabode Crane on Sleepy Hollow, but some of these actors ---forget it----it's all mash potatoes to me.

Oh well, now I must go, the timer went off on the oven, and I have pound cake baking.

Later Darklings.


  1. Sorry to hear about the hearing loss. I have a slight hearing loss due to sinus issues of all things. So some days I hear better than other. I am not a candidate for hearing aids because of the off and on again nature of the problem, plus it varies on how much my hearing is affected day to day.

    I hope you find just what you need to help you out with the hearing issues and it is great that you still have a good range of hearing and it won't lead to a complete hearing loss. Good luck with everything:)

    1. Well I consider myself fortunate, but I am going to get that ear phones to listen to the T.V. sometimes Doyle falls asleep, and he SNORES!!! I don't mind when we're sleeping but sometimes it frightens the dogs when watching the television.

  2. Like you, I have noticed that a lot of today's actors & actresses are not being taught to enunciate...and it drives me batty. I hate having to turn up the sound on the tv in order to understand what the heck people are saying.

    1. I agree Patricia, maybe they think that by not enunciating that it makes their acting real, but frankly it doesn't. I remember years ago when I did community theater there was this actor given lessons and he knew if anyone had their teeth realigned with braces, I did have my front teeth pulled together to lessen a gap, but I worked hard to get rid of a slight hissing sound, he told me I was the only one who worked hard at enunciating and yet stay in character, even Boris Karloff had a lisp but you could hear every word he said perfectly.