Thursday, March 19, 2015

Of a new search system~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well I just down loaded a new search system to replace Internet Explorer, it's called Firefox and I'm sure those of you who are far more computer savvy than Moi, know of it.

Well when we read that Microsoft is going to eventually no longer support I E and of late it kept freezing on me, Doyle said "It's time for a change" and frankly at both mine and Doyle's work they use it.

I'm still learning a few things with it for my home computer, some of the familiar things I use to find to use when on line have changed or have different ways of being saved, so I have to learn a few new tricks.

But I'm going to do that another time, I need to do some shopping and I'm thinking of taking in a Matinee to see "The Kingsmen"  before it's gone from the theater, so I'm going to be a bit independent for now and see what the day brings.

So my Dynamic Duo will be baby sat by my neighbor, Sis has clients coming and a couple of them are not comfortable around dogs, so my elderly neighbor has kindly offered to watch them.

Later Darklings

    Since Spring will be here tomorrow I just wanted to remind you how cold its been.


  1. i still sticked mainly to internet explorer, too - ok, have firefox AND use it but by far not as often as ie ^^

  2. I use Firefox at work and once you get used to how things work in it, it is actually more user friendly. The key is figuring out how things work. We use IE if we want to see if a new tech issue will crash something because if a browser is always Internet Exploder :)

    At home I use a Mac and an iPad mini. I think after a while all the browsers seem pretty much the same.

  3. Well I"m holding onto Internet Explorer just in case until it's no longer supported, but so far Firefox seems to work fine and a lot faster. But there are some little tricks to learn with it, that I'm still discovering.