Sunday, March 15, 2015

Of Heat exhaustion and "Poizin" wine~~~~~~

Hello Darklings,

Well if you live in the San Francisco Bay Area I hope you survived yesterday!

It was very warm, up into the 80's in my area.  Poor Belladonna and Winerdog, just laid down on the screened back porch and slept, and I don't blame them.  I put out extra bowls of water for them and I also put out water for the birds, I have several rock style bird baths, they're fountains really but with the drought I turned off the pumps except to occasionally make sure the piping is not plugged, but I filled it with water.

Not only did the birds enjoy it but a few squirrels as well, poor things,  in my front yard I put in the shade several plastic bowls of water because we do have cats in the neighborhood as well.

I didn't dare go out unless I was well covered and even then not until towards early evening, with long sleeves, SPF 75 sunscreen and a wide brim hat.  Nothing is going to burn my pale skin.

I told one sun worshipper "My Face, My Skin, My Hat, My Health!!"   you can have all the melanoma you want, but not for me.

So I bought Ice Cream for dessert as it slow cooked in the slow cooker, I had stew meat I had to use up, but coupled with a nice salad, and steamed rice on the side it was good, topped with berries, have you ever put raspberries on top of chocolate ice cream?  I love it, even though it turns my tongue purple.

And then I turned on the drip system in the evening to water my plants,  if this heat is anything we may have an intensely hot summer and I keep praying for rain.

I had to pass on the St. Patrick's Parade in the city but I did promise Doyle that I would go out with him to his favorite dinner for corn beef and Green Beer, but I'm only going to have a small beer, some one has to be sober to drive and Doyle always takes the day after St. Patricks' Day as a vacation day.  The Green Beer gets to him.

Well for fun Sis and I did a DNA test to see what our ethnic back grounds are, and I agreed with a lot of it, but we could not figure out why we were 2 percent Irish, but now we can honestly say "KISS ME!! I'M IRISH!!!"  

My brother and his family are still getting things settled into their new/old home.  The drapes and curtains were perfect!  Quiet a few things that they had at their old home has been donated, as not needed, redundant, out grown etc.

My sister in law hopes to be able to do something to tame her garden a bit, she did hire a gardener to mow the front and back lawns, and do some weeding as well as hacking back some bougainvillea that had seriously overgrown in the back yard, and much to their surprise discovered an old playhouse made out of wood underneath the growth. Melissa said it's large enough to be a small artists studio, but it does need work, re-doing it's roof, evicting the spiders and mice and some foundation work and painting.  My brother said the first thing will be the roof to secure the interior.   What it will eventually be used for they don't know but preserving it will be important.

Today I'm glad that the weather was mild and it may cool down a bit Oh if only that HIGH would move so the LOW can bring in much needed rain. 

I did a bit of grocery shopping today and discovered a lovely little Japanese type dollar store called Dieso,  all sort of things that one can use, I did pickup an apron that is water resistant and a couple of bags of Japanese gummy candies, it was fun going through and looking but I wish I had more time, I guess I'll have to go back.

But while I was in the market I came across of bottle of zinfandel called "Poizin"  from the Armida winery out of Sebastopol.

It is according to it label-----
A lush, delicious and "serious" wine but in a fun package! The nose is fruit driven with fresh plum, bing cherry, spicy peppercorn and zinberry. The mouth feel is soft with a hint of milk chocolate, sweet oak, and a long vanilla finish. The deep color and firm structure are enhanced by the addition of the Petite Sirah and the firm tannins softened by moderate oak. Enjoy this POIZIN with caution; it is The Wine to Die for!
So I bought two bottles out of curiosity and we had one bottle earlier this afternoon with lunch and they are right it is THE WINE TO DIE FOR!!   So I promised Doyle and Sis that I would go back tomorrow and stock up to add to the cellar.  
It is a delicious wine to have with a good expensive stake, the kind that you'd think Dracula could sink his teeth into or Bitchy Joan Collins of "Dynasty" fame would enjoy while planning her next devious move.
I do love it when I come across something to add to my cellar, and I'm going to check out their other white wine called "Antidote" it promises to be interesting.
And now I must go and check on dinner.
Later Darklings

                Sometimes it's hard to chose the right vintage.


  1. Ah, St. Patrick's Day. Here at the university where I work we have something called "Unofficial St. Patrick's Day". It is a huge excuse for the students to get way too drunk. Students come from all over because we are considered a "party" school. The university does not like it but there is not much they can do other than bring in extra police and block off roads because the students take to the streets in mass full of green beer and very little sense. It is always the weekend before St. Patrick's starts that Friday and goes through Sunday. All the locals try to stay as far away from campus as possible. With 38,000 students it can be just too much to deal with. I left early last friday at 3pm and there were already drunk students in the green "Unofficial" party shirts on carrying green beer around. *sigh* Kids! :)

    1. I hope none of them get alcohol poisoning, unfortunately we do get a number of cases like that. As we know Doyle does enjoy his beer but because of his work he is very careful in his drinking, that's why on St. Paddy's day, he hands me the keys. LOL!