Monday, March 23, 2015

Of Rain, Monica Lewinsky, "Kingsmen" and Arsenic~~~~

My Goodness Darklings what a combination,

But it's because I've got so much to cover, in a short amount of time.

Doyle and I have been invited out to dinner tonight with some very dear friends, Brian has offered to babysit Belladonna and Wiener Dog for us because Sis has an evening client.

Well I had a chance to watch "Kingsmen" a total spoof of the Spy movies such as "Our Man Flint", "Matt Helm" and the earlier James Bond I have to admit the stunt folks and CGI got a serious work out and it was enjoyable if a bit violent, I think some folks will enjoy some aspects of it.

And it's nice to take in a matinee every now and then.  I think I'll plan on doing it more often as time and circumstances permit.

We had a shower from last night to this morning, which was helpful, the runoff from my gutters and side walks helped fill the cisterns, the walkways are sloped so that water either from rain or watering will go into the cisterns and the gutters are connected to under the surface pipes to drain into the cisterns as well, but to make sure that the pipes aren't cut or damage I use flat stones to mark where they are and it's easy to lift up and dig up any pipe that needs to be replaced, my Great Aunt thought of that years ago when there was previous droughts as bad as this.

But what has both Doyle and I concerned is that we saw on the Media about high levels of arsenic in the cheaper wines, so I've been doing some investigating and found that the wines I've purchased are within acceptable ranges, not that we drink wine every day, we don't---we couldn't afford to.  But at least we are on alert, and I plan on taking any samples of any bottle we open to be tested for future information.

It's so sad to hear about that even Trader Joe's "2 buck chuck" is affected.  It seems that nothing is safe anymore.

I just recently saw on You Tube Monica Lewinsky do a marvelous speech about the internet and cyber bullying,  I remember those years ago when she was in the center of such political turmoil and felt that the only mistake she made was that which many young women make when impressed by a man in power, how she has turned her life around and is now speaking out on cyber bullying and how we have to take responsibility to see that it doesn't happen to others is something that should be shown in every grade school, high school and college.

Coralline came close to being bullied a few years ago but she had the courage to at least tell me and I in turn informed her parents, it was stopped quickly when her parents talked to the two sets of parents of the children that attempted to bully my niece, but Coralline became in her own way reserved about making friends, she only has a couple and fortunately one of them lives close to me so they get to visit when Coralline stays over. 

My oldest nephew doesn't seem to have that problem and the twins are just hellions anyway but their parents have told them what would happen if they even think of bullying another child.  It does pay to be pro-active.

And now Doyle is home so I'll finish getting ready.

Later Darklings.

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