Sunday, August 24, 2014

Of Earthquakes or "I'm all shook up!!"

My Goodness Darklings,

For those of you who live in the San Francisco Bay Area, did you feel that Earthquake at 3:30 this morning???

Here we are all nice and cozy in our beds when suddenly the dogs jumped up and started barking, and then we felt the rolling shake of the earthquake, it felt like it was going on forever, and being on the upper level of the house you feel it more.

The reports are a bit confusing they say that the epicenter was near American Canyon, but Damage was reported in Napa and Vallejo and it was between a 6.0 to 6.1.

There were or are fires now either contained or put out, some buildings (older one's partially collapsed) 2 to 4 people seriously hurt, of course broken water mains, reports of gas leakage. 

But so far very little panic.  I did see a photo of a house that was sheared off it's foundation. 

We'll know more by the 6 p.m. news.

Anyway Doyle got up and checked for gas and water leaks but our "little fireman" shut off the gas (this is a device that if there is an earthquake or any serious shaking, will automatically shut off the gas)

Doyle said he would wait to turn it on in the morning, and he and Brian did but continued checking for gas, but we had to wait for hot water for our showers, my Sis and Brian her boarder, came running over to my house, her "Little fireman" worked as well, so I had her sleep in her old room and Brain slept in the downstairs maid's room.

So once things are back to normal we'll continue checking things, I was surprised nothing fell or broke, be thankful for little blessings.

Sis says the coffee is hot and my turn for the shower. 

So all is well, so far.

Later Darklings
Frankly that is a great idea.


  1. So glad that the earthquake did not do more damage. My daughter in law's father is in the Bay area visiting friends and said they felt it but had no real damage where he was.


  2. Would you believe I totally slept through it? But we're on the ground floor with a cement foundation directly under our floors, so maybe that's why. I've got cousins in Napa, but fortunately they are all fine. Sure glad it was not my weekend to visit Clearlake, or I would have been driving back (or trying to) directly through American Canyon and Vallejo on Sunday morning. NOT fun...

  3. I'm glad everyone is O.K. it's been horrendous to view and hear. I'll be doing a brief up date later.

  4. I'm glad it all went well for you. A 6 on the scale is quite a heavy quake right?
    We don't have any natural disasters at all. No quakes, storms, land slides.. whatever, only a few small floodings.

    1. A 6 is a very nasty quake, when it goes to 7 as Doyle would say "all bets are off---DUCK!!!"

      But there are other factors as well, how deep was the friction, the type of quake a jolt or a roll or wave, duration of course. Then there is how well built is your structure, in Turkey for instance the much older homes built with cross sections of walls much like a giant X ride their quakes out much better than the modern construction, so many of the more ancient homes hold up better.

      Perhaps modern homes in California should be built with that interior X construction. But then I'm not a builder or designer.