Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Of "Earthquakes" and aftermaths~~~~

Well Darklings,

As the new poured in the last count was nearly 200 people injured but 4 or 5 critically, the worst was a 13 year old boy that was sleeping with a friend in the living room and the bricks from the fireplace fell in and crushed his chest.

Last word on him was he's stable and so far no fatalities, Historic Down Town Napa has sustained a lot of damaged, the fires were mostly in mobile home parks, very old homes were sheared off their foundations.  At least 100 structures were "Red Tagged" not habitable.

The odd thing is Doyle and I just to get away from it for a day had planned to go to Napa and Sonoma for the Day and with luck maybe overnight, but I think we'll have to change plans and think of something else.

This is going to be short post, several of my co-workers have relatives in Vallejo, Napa etc. and have gone to help out so I was called in to work for a few days to take up the slack.

Then I'll be back to my old schedule in Mid-September.  But it will be only 3 days a week, and on call for emergencies.  Frankly I like my reduced schedule, much easier for me.

Now must go, my mini-break is over.

Later Darklings

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