Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Of viewing fashion darkly~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Just a short post, I still have bills to pay and a check book to balance I'm so glad that Sis will be making dinner tonight.

A friend of mine informed me of a facebook page called Dark Style.  I think it can be found at  I hope I got that URL right. 

Well I went to it and I fell in love with it, I may not agree on all the styles but it was enough to perk up my Goth side.

And well now I better go, but I'll leave you with this wonderful photo from it.

Later Darklings
The family that Goths together stays together


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  2. he darksyle facebook is very nice. I truly with there was a FB or tumblr that focused on truly "Elder" goth style. Most of the "elder" goth style sites are 30 year old or 40 year old goths. Which is great except once a person is over 50...things, um change:) Style transitions and I rarely see elder goth style that is not dull or "mutton dressed as a lamb" if you know what I mean.

    Would love to read more "style " on your blog if you have a mind to share.