Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Of Cutting tree branches, and things not going so smoothly~~~~

Well Darklings,

We did get a bit of a very light shower, just enough to dampen the air, which is nice.  All kinds of fresh smells for the dogs, "Oooo Mummy what's dis?"  is their attitude.

I had my gardener over to cut some tree branches that were too close to the house, one good wind storm and smash windows and removed asphalt shingles leading to roof leaks, don't need that.

But I think with the first serious rains we'll go into the attic to see if there is any kind of leakage.

One of the trees is a walnut tree which of course the squirrels have been having fun with, but my gardener, trimmed the large branches down and is going to take them to a friend of his who works in wood, see if his friend can make use of it.  Waste not, Want not, sounds good to me.

Well Doyle went to his two sonogram appointments, well I think one was radiology, oh now I'm confused, anyway the Doctor in the radiology lab was concerned because it's still showing some inflammation in that area.

The radiology doctor called both Doyle's regular doctor and the urologists, they had a conference and then the urologist wants Doyle to come to his office this Friday and was told if he should re-develop fever and chills to head to the ER right away. 

THAT was thrilling to hear.   So now everything looks to be up in the air, we are not going to plan that vacation trip until Doyle is completely well.  And we don't know what they may do, either increase the dosage or keep him on it longer or possibly something else.  We won't know until after Friday's examination.

Doyle is worried and he has a right to be worried.  So am I, but we do know that the antibiotic did reduce everything rather quickly its just this last little bit that is very stubborn.

There is the possibility that there could be some sort of blockage as well which could be causing this.

Doyle is now wishing he did kick the other guy "in the nuts".  

But I'm thinking, what did they do in "the old days" when something like this happened?   A man must of died from something like this, with a high fever and chills it must have been horrible and painful. 

Thank goodness we have antibiotics, and all these machines and tests. 

And Doyle feels so frustrated, he really can't do anything, he tires easily because of the antibiotics,  this is a blow to his pride, and we can't really go anywhere because of this. 

We can only persevere and deal with it.  There is a solution, it just will take time.

At least he's over the hump from the dental extraction. 

Sis is home now from her various clients, and writing up her reports, she said to me as she kicked off her shoes in the living room "This hasn't been much of a summer for you has it?"  and I told her "Well things like this happen, we'll just make the best of it"

Like this morning, before my gardener came I was sitting on the back porch with my coffee and toast just enjoying the freshness of the air and that slight tingling dampness, listening to my neighbors banging pots and pans, coffee scent floating in the air, with a hint of bacon, then after awhile voices floating back saying "See you tonight"  "Be safe" "Don't forget to pick up...."  and an occasional dog barking.

And seeing Brown Towhee's and Robins in the trees, picking at whatever they can find, sometimes quickly grubbing on the ground for the odd bug or something, I know about now many of them are starting their second nesting, with the first batch of fledging's now on their own, their childhood is very short, now they are on their own and it's eat or be eaten.

And being delighted with an occasional butterfly or white moth, I've seen a few honey bees, which makes my heart glad.  I've heard that breeders are developing a breed of honey bee that is resistant to the parasite that causes hive collapse.  There is hope yet.

So Sis has made the mental nudge about contacting my contractor about enclosing the back porch with screening, like that which is shown in some old photographs of the house, it would make it for a nice semi-outdoor dinning minus much of the bugs, as well as a sleeping porch for those extremely hot days.  I've called him and he'll be out here Saturday to take a look and give me a quote.  And we'll go from there.

Sis said to not worry about dinner, she'll tackle it, she already bought some shrimp and spinach from Trader Joe's so it will be shrimp spinach salad tonight, I like that and lime sherbet for dessert.  That's good something light yet filling.

And maybe we'll play Scrabble tonight, invite Brian over to join us for dinner and a game.

I know Darklings, it does sound so boring but it really is a good Summers evening fare, no demands, no blaring T.V. just relaxing and enjoying each others company.

Later Darklings


  1. That doesn't sound boring at all but perfectly pleasant. And reading your description makes me want to brew some coffee and go sit in my garden.

    Sending healthy, healing vibes to Doyle and you.

    1. Thank you so much G.G. Enjoy your coffee.