Sunday, August 2, 2015

Of being a "stand-in Mom"~~~~

Hello Darklings,

I know the title of this post doesn't make sense, but my Brother wanted to take the family out again for one last major road trip, after their return, doing a quick check up on the RV then off again,  they really do like this traveling on the road.  By as my sister in law says, "it's nice to come back to a permanent home"

Well why am I (and my sister) are "stand in Mom's"?  For a good reason, I go to my brother's house, pick up the mail and flyers, etc. every day, turn on different lights, check things and such,  and then at a certain designated time go on line and "chat" with them about what bills have come in, most of them are auto payments which is good for them, but sometimes something unique comes in so I need to relay the information.

Well in this case it's a list of what the children will need for school each list is different, except for the twins their lists are the same, so it's just double of what they need.

My sister in law agreed that if I could get the school supplies that the children need, I'll be reimbursed, and then she can focus on their clothes and school uniforms, when they return, less of a head ache.

Well that's not problem, I mean how hard is it to follow a list?   It is when you're fighting off 20 million parents looking for the same thing ---Thank you Wal-mart and Target!  The twins are getting exactly the same thing, same color, nothing different.

I was asked to get new backpacks for all of them too, the old one's are completely worn out but each back pack has to be different, Chris said "basic black or blue", Coraline "Something cute", the Twins I'm not going to even describe what they were saying, they were bouncing around so much on the "video chat"  so I told them they will get what they get and be glad that it will not have kitties, bunnies or puppies on them.   That quieted them down. 

So today, after an early morning "attack" on Wal-mart (open open open) we got it before it became insane. 

Then lining up each back pack with each item on the list, Sis and I did a check off to see what we might have missed---Rulers---isn't that silly, we forgot rulers----this time to Target,  Big MISTAKE!  RETREAT!!!    Found them at Safeway---Thank you!  Whew!!

My brother and family will be returning the end of next week, he's been able to keep the children away from any areas that have fires by sticking to the coast and seeing the historical sites along the coast, and by doing that they've been avoiding most of the heat waves we've been having.  The children have been enjoying it, I'm happy to say, I will be glad when they come home.

In the mean time Doyle has been setting up motion detector lights here and there around the house, we will turn them off during trick or treating at Halloween,  but they work and should be a good deterrent against "Crazy". 

Dinner tonight our go-to favorite Chinese! 

Sis has suggested that maybe we take in a movie tonight, perhaps "Mr. Holmes" but I really don't feel like going out, she understood so we'll take it in tomorrow night.

I am being called in to work two days this coming week to fill in some "holes" at my old work place, it will be nice to see familiar faces, and Doyle will pick me up after work to bring me home, I'll be taking public transportation to go in.

I cannot believe it, yet I can, our state is on Fire!  Nearly 2 dozen fires up and down the state, the one near Clear Lake is as big as the City of San Francisco, and just as devastating.  Sometimes I'm out on the back porch and I can smell wood burning and it's not bar-be-que mesquite, when the breeze is just right you can smell it, when that happens both Belladonna and Wiener Dog start trembling and whimpering,  and all I can do is hold them and do my best to soothe them, of late they've been sharing the bed with me and Doyle, huddling between the two of us----it does make for romance a little difficult, but Doyle says "What can you do?"

A strong El Nino will be needed.  Desperately!

There are times I wish I could see into a crystal ball to see when the rains will come.

Later Darklings

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