Thursday, August 6, 2015

Of "Dracula"~~~~

Hello My Darklings,

Halloween is going to be wonderful this year----at least for me.   A local movie theater is going to show  the 1931 "Dracula" on the Big Screen!!!!!!!!!   at the end of October!!!    To finally see it properly on the Big Screen!  To get an idea of what kind of impact it really made to movie audiences!!! Oh Darklings I swoon at the thought!

And then----and Then!!!  The next week as part of this Theater's classic movie series they are going to show the First James Bond Film "Dr. No" at the beginning of November, just in time when the New James Bond movie "Specter" will be released.   

OH BE STILL MY BEATING HEART!!!!   It is almost an overload for this Elder Goth.

And what theater will be showing this film???  Well if you live in the San Francisco East Bay Area it's----The Historic Alameda Movie Theater in Alameda.   Yes Darklings I have revealed it's location.

But for those lovely Goths who read my blog and live around here do NOT miss this. 

O.K. yes by today's standards it's corny, it's hokey, but you have to remember it's the Great-Grand Daddy of Gothicness and Vampires.

And if you have a theater near you that will show good clean prints of this film, encourage them to do it!!!    

Oh by still my trembling, beating heart!!!!!  Now if they will show Dracula's Daughter on the Big Screen like I saw it sooooo many many years ago!! 

Later Darklings!!  I must refresh myself!


  1. I cannot begin to express how jealous I am you get to see Bela Lugosi as Dracula on the big screen. I am green with envy.

    I hope it is everything you hope it is. Are you going to "dress up" for the occasion?

    So wonderful:)

    1. I am seriously considering it, It depends if Doyle is willing to wear a tux and cape. He really doesn't want to lose his "Bogart" image.

  2. I would love to see Dracula on the big screen. I go to see old movies as often as I can on 35mm. I recently went to a screening of Horror of Dracula. It's one of my all. Time favourite films. Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing in large detail. The other thing about seeing the older movies in the theatre is that you notice details that are lost on the small screen. Even after multiple viewings of Lost Boys I never noticed that the Vampires sparkle when you kill them until I saw it on the big screen! I don't even like to think about Lost Boys being sparkly! Ugh. So enjoy Dracula!

    1. I have not seen Horror of Dracula on the Big Screen since 1967 at a old time one screen movie house it was a worn out print, but I was impressed by both Lee and Cushing.

      Yes about seeing details on the big screen, when we saw "Frankenstein" with Karloff last year we saw details that are lost on a T.V. screen, and it made a greater impact on me.

      I've not seen "Lost Boys" that one got away from me, but sparkling? No when a vampire is dispatched it's dust to dust---no Tinker Bell fairy dust please.

      Oh I am going to enjoy "Dracula" if you have a movie theater near you encourage them to do a classic movie series. And then picture them to show these movies in October. It would be fun!