Saturday, August 29, 2015

Of having another heat wave~~~~

Dear Darklings,

The heat wave seemed to be coming in blasting waves of heat, again we had to sleep outside in the screened porch for the last two nights.

I have every single fan on, and I got the window air conditioner on in the down stairs spare bedroom, fortunately today I was able to lower it down considerably, but now even though it's in the upper 70's it's the humidity that is making things a bit rough. So again we will eat dinner on the screened in porch, and I am so glad I have it.

Early this morning we had frizzle, a lovely slightly damping of the plants and ground but not enough to make a serious difference, except that I hope it did help turn the tide on those wildfires up north.

We were so exhausted from yesterday’s heat that we slept in didn’t wake up until the dynamic duo ‘woofed’ at us to a lovely overcast and frizzly morning, even then we felt lazy, but they needed to go, so Doyle let them out to do their thing.  Finally I roused myself and got up while Doyle kept an eye on them.

I went out onto the porch enjoying the fresh-washed air, the frizzle had managed to decorate my potted plants with teeny-tiny crystal drops of water, creating a little fairy land among the dried surroundings.   It was wonderfully quiet, I mean so quiet I could hear a ships’ fog horn from the distant estuary, which is a rarity.  Small flocks of robins, sparrows, even a few Jays, and a couple of hummingbirds, were wheeling in the sky, all excited.   I think the frizzle rain had brought out much sought for bugs and other sources of protein for them.  They seemed to go into ecstasy over their findings.

The frizzle seemed to add a much needed freshness to the land, although for here it was not much to truly soak the land, but I do hope it helped up north especially in Oregon and Washington with their wild fires.  I was jolted out of my thoughts by a very loud chittering growl, and spotted two squirrel banditos having a serious territory dispute in the plum tree, until finally the slightly smaller one retreated to a branch of a neighboring tree.

I was reluctant to come inside but Doyle said the coffee was ready  and I really did need to have coffee, like blood to a vampire.   I could hear Doyle yawning and  talking to the dogs, I knew he’s going to have to get up to take them for their walk.   Then after he got back I let him relax and have his tea,  he’s lost some weight at 5'10" he went up to 190, now he's lost 15 pounds, I’ll be happy and more of his vintage clothing will be able to fit him and he's feeling much better and has more energy.  The tea, these walks, less salt, two meals a day, drinking more water have been able to help him a lot.    I am so happy for him.

This morning we took some cans and bottles to the recycling and deposit it into  the repair fund canister, I do have a trust fund for such things, but I want to avoid using it as much as possible and have the money build up, the house is going to need to be repainted and considering it's height I know it means scaffolding which can be expensive. 

Afterwards we went to the store to get a few things that I was low in for the kitchen, and saw that already a few Halloween cooking and decorating magazines have appeared, HAD to buy them.

Yesterday We couldn’t do what we had planned to do, the heat from yesterday defeated us, and melted us into blobs of sweat and quivering jelly.   I was so glad that Doyle had taken a few days off from work, and that mostly  he just needs to do paper work this weekend.  And I was glad that I had installed an air-conditioner in his Man Cave office.  I know it saved his health.

The heat has been making things very quiet in the neighborhood  although while Doyle and I were bagging things I did get distracted when I heard a beep-beep-beep on the street, it was a triple A truck loaded up with a car and it was going to take it to an auto shop, I thought “Well someone’s car needs work”  But standing on the front porch I again took in the fresh air and enjoyed it.  

Now we are home both Doyle and I took showers to freshen up a bit, but I fear we'll be doing it again tonight,  I think for now I'll take a nap on the back porch and think of cooler weather and how to design the house for Halloween. And this evening enjoy the Full Moon, I may even howl at it.  Of course that would drive Doyle to distraction.

Later Darklings  


  1. Sorry to hear about the recent heat wave. It seems like it has been warmer/dryer than usual out there.

    In the midwest we get ALL the weather...sometimes all in the same day. But generally it has been a fairly mild summer.

    Hope you heat wave ends soon and you get some much needed rain.

    1. I hope for Rain too, but it may not be happening too soon.