Saturday, August 8, 2015

Of taking care of one situation and Children coming home....

Well Darklings,

Thanks to my sister, and ATT, we now have the phone lines encased in conduit pipe, so no cutting of the lines at all.   She wanted hers done as well, although she didn't have the problem I have, but she wasn't taking chances so since I had bought the pipe and brackets and such and with Brian pitching in to help, our ATT man was able to secure the lines on both houses.

And we both now have solar powered motion detector lights  that work so well it even lights up kitty cats when they sneak up the drive way,  startles the little things with looks that says "Who Me?"

It amuses me.  LOL!

My brother called and he said they are slowly returning via the coastal route as much as possible or Hy-way 101 depending, so they'll be here sometime Monday,  I'll be glad, with the wild fires, I've been concerned, but they did go and see the Oregon Caves and Crater Lake, so I'll have to hear what the children say about that.

Although I did hear in the background when my brother said "School starts in 3 weeks!"  the twins moaning and groaning. 

Well it can't be all fun and games, one has to work to "pay the piper".

And I've been working on that "No harassment, no contact" order that Officer Cutie said we should do,  it's slow going, have to make sure each section is done right.  But I hope to file it at the court house next week.   That should put "Crazy Son" on notice, and his parents are glad we're doing it too.

It's getting hard to handle him, so something has to be done if he goes off the rails again.

Later Darklings


  1. My concern (well, one of my concerns) about Crazy Son is what happens when his parents are gone? I think I recall you writing that they can help calm him down, to a certain degree. But what will happen to CS when his parents die?

    1. We have been thinking about that, that's why this no harassment order, he does have some siblings, but because of the mental health laws even their hands are tied. But once arrested he'll be in the system.

      The siblings tried to have him arrested but the parents prevented that. So it falls back on us. I've included my sister, Doyle, Brian and visiting family members on those to be protected so it will be all inclusive. It's possible that when the parents pass on or become unable to care for themselves then the siblings will be able to do something.