Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Of a "TRO" the only way to "hog tie" a nut job~~~

Well Darklings,

Things are moving forward in dealing with "Crazy" across the street, I had informed his parents that he would be served with papers and a temporary restraining order, they said that was fine, they were afraid that they were losing control over him, so anything legal to keep him under control.

It  happened yesterday morning,  just as Doyle was coming back from his walk with the Dogs before going to his office,  Crazy Son was served at about 10:30 by a Sheriff’s Deputy who arrived in an unmarked car but with government plates,  he came out and was served just as Doyle came down our block with Belladonna and Wiener Dog.

I had heard a yell and being worried for Doyle I went to the front parlor window, and carefully looking out I saw Crazy being furious and I could hear him telling the deputy that we didn’t have the right to have papers served on him since he’d been living on the block for years, and we were only renters and other “lies”.   The deputy being very emphatic, pointing at our house and telling Crazy we had the right to call the police if Crazy did anything.  And just then I spotted Doyle walking down the block with the dogs and I thought “Oh Lord, thank goodness the deputy is there!”

The minute Crazy saw Doyle he pointed at Doyle and yelled out “There’s that Punk Now!”   The deputy tried to quiet Crazy down but Crazy yelled out “See Ya in Court, Punk!”   Doyle did not respond to him and knows we have the upper hand now. 

But the deputy had to work very hard to verbally restrain Crazy while Doyle came into the house with dogs in tow, then came  and asked what I saw and heard,  I asked him to hold off for a bit so I could carefully watch and listen to what was happening.  The Deputy was working very hard with Crazy really being emphatic with him, warning him, as the Serving Deputy is required to do, that should Crazy violate the Temporary Restraining Order he would be arrested.

Crazy was not happy and rolled the papers in his hand up, and then finally appeared to accept what the Deputy was saying,   turned and went into the side yard, just as the deputy turned away was when Crazy slammed the gate hard closed, even I heard it, the deputy quickly turned back to the gate to check things, but saw it was closed and then walked to his car.    So now we go about our business, he’s been served and warned.   So the next thing will be the Hearing, and we’ll see how that will go.  

But I am glad that this phase of it is over and done, it’s another step closer to having this situation in the process of being stabilized.   So Doyle and I prepared to go and do a few errands, I wanted to get some more postal boxes and go to the bank.

But before Doyle and I left to go to the bank, we saw a skanky buddy of  Crazy's ride up on his bike, the guy was tall and very lean, wearing a khaki ball cap, red long sleeve type of heavy t-shirt, and long khaki pants, he tried the gate but it was locked and then he got out a key, reached over the gate top to get to the padlock and unlocked the gate and let himself in.   That surprised us, so now does some of  Crazy’s “friends” have keys to that lock?  Because it was not a relative, of that we’re sure and we wondered if Crazy's parents knew that other people besides family had access to their property.   We didn’t know when the friend left, but the gate had been left ajar for most of the day.

That evening Doyle called Crazy's parents and told them what we had seen, no they were not aware that other people not family had duplicates to the lock on the gate, and they were going to take care of it, immediately.

This morning we heard a howl come from across the street, the father had bought a new lock the kind in which the label on the keys say "do not duplicate",  so the parents have a key, Crazy has a key (unfortunately), and two family members have keys and that is it!   Crazy's father called us to thank us for letting him know because some garden tools had gone missing and now they knew how and why and were putting a new padlock on the tool shed and keeping the only key and changing the locks on the doors to the house, so Crazy would have to knock on the doors to get the parents attention, no keys to Crazy for the house.  

So now we wait to go to the hearing in two weeks.   And I feel that things are beginning to come under control again.    For which I'm grateful.

And now to see when the Halloween decorations are coming out, Spirit has sent me new e-mail and I saw something so fabulous I have to get it, a 3 headed Cerberus that shoots out fog from their mouths,  I LOVE IT!!   MUST HAVE IT!!!

Later Darklings


  1. Oh jeez, I can unfortunately relate to this. Hang in there and Happy Halloween shopping :)

    1. I'm sure a number of people can, but discovering about this Civil Harassment Restraining Order has been the information we needed, it used to deter people how threaten, vandalize, harass, intimidate or stalk people who are not related to them, it's different from the usual restraining order. It can be done with or without a lawyer, depending upon time and finances. We're doing it without a lawyer this time. Crazy Son is not worth the money.

      But already I'm beginning to Halloween shop, I'm looking for good deals on good candy already, and mooning over the Spirit Web site.

      Doyle is trying to find someone with a hearse to borrow---an old fashion one, I just hope he doesn't buy one, if he does we'll have to expand the garage!

  2. Goodness I am glad that things are beginning to resolve with "Crazy". I hope whatever else happens you and yours are all left safely out of it.

    1. I think we will be, so far "Crazy" remains quiet, it does confirm what the police have been telling us, that yes he's crazy, but he's just sane enough to stay just under the wire and now his parents cannot protect him if he goes off the rails. Sad to say they know it, but appear to be resigned to it. It had to eventually happen.