Thursday, July 30, 2015

Of Heat waves and updates and insanity~~~~

Hello Darklings,

We have been having another bad heat wave, it has been up in the triple digits inland, like 109 in Redding and 105 in Concord.   I have been using the drip system on what plants I have, but only in the evening and at night.

I've even put up bird baths of water in the shady areas of the garden and even for humming birds,  I have this wonder sage bush called Autumn Sage and the hummingbirds love it,   exotic plants I have none, the heat would kill them.    So I switched to lavender, and other plants that can tolerate this heat, my roses are surviving, they've been getting grey water, as well as the Bay tree and the fruit trees, my water cisterns are dry, so I'm having a specialist check them out for cracks and such.

The heat was so bad that we slept outside on the screened in back porch, my brother has a similar porch on his house and has done the same thing, but he's not home enough for the children to camp out in it as they have been traveling hither and yon, to various historic spots in their RV, but mostly on the coast because of the heat,  both he and my sister in law took 6 weeks off for vacation for the children to enjoy.  And with Wi Fi at a number of the camp grounds they can stay in touch with their respective offices for just in case.

They will be back next week (I think) and in time to get the children ready for school, the twins don't want to think about it, Coraline and Christopher are sort of concerned and excited about it. The parents?  Well what do you think parents would do when school is back in session?   

The wild fires around the state is worrisome, especially when they are close to those historic towns in the Gold Country area.   It doesn't take much for something to happen, perhaps the coolest areas is Daley City and San Francisco, thank goodness the marine layer has come back in.   But for how long I'm not sure.

Poor Belladonna and Weinerdog,  it's so hot that we have to leave them either at a doggie day care or with my elderly neighbor if we have to go somewhere and can't take them.   What surprised me at my elderly neighbors house is she got a plastic pool that kiddies use and put water in it and has it in the shade and both dogs took to it to play in with their smaller tennis balls and chew toys (not cloth)  She told me that it was like watching children play.   Then in the evening when they've been picked up she uses the water to irrigate her herb garden.   That's how I got my Autumn Sage.

Of course the heat has made for insanity as well, our neighbors crazy son whom we call "Crazy" went off the rails again,  calling the police 3 times in 7 days is too much, but I thought we could not do a restraining order----BUT----if some of you remember when I talked about "Officer Cutie" (he's married folks ---darn!)  well he came out on the last call and said that there is such a thing called a "No Harassment" or "No Contact" order, this is used on stalkers and other non-close to family situations  I think some places call it a "Stay-Away" order,  and we do qualify to submit that,  whether it will be granted it up to the Judge, so we're going to get the paperwork and I need to get some of the copies of the Incident Reports put together, now it will depend upon if I want to do it myself or have my lawyer do it, but from what I've seen it's almost "do it yourself".   But at least now I have a "tool" that if granted, I can use. 

And if "Crazy" violates it, he will be arrested and I hope get put in a place where he'll get the help he needs.

Since the last incident things have been quiet, I hope it does, it almost seems to come in waves really, 6 to 8 weeks of quiet then 7 to 10 days of insanity.  I guess it takes that long for the "voices in his head" to get really loud.

And we are going to have a Blue Moon tomorrow night----my Grandmother use to call it a wishing moon, make a wish to banish a problem she'd say.    I think I'm going to do that.

Oh and Halloween is just 90 days away----Oh HAPPY, HAPPY, JOY, JOY!!!!

Unless we get a very serious El Nino---although that would put a kibosh on Halloween---again happy happy joy joy---we need WATER!!!

A friend of mine sent me this funny thing about if all 50 states were people in a bar what would they be like and what would they drink----I found it very funny,  I'll post it in my next post.

Oh and I KNOW what I want for Christmas----Dita Von Teese's latest book "You Beauty Mark"  it's coming out in December,  and I WANT a copy!!  Hint, Hint to Doyle (eye-wink)  Yes my Darklings, Dita is coming out with her own beauty book, if nothing else I want it for human interest factor to see what she says about things.   Of course we all have our own ways of maintaining our looks, for me it's to avoid the sun between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. and use Neutragena Sun Block at SPF Factor 100, yes they do make it. And there are other things as well. 

But one factor is one's own DNA you cannot fight that, but you can try.

Who knows Darklings, even for the Glamour Goth you can always study the tips from the pro's.

Later Darklings

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