Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Of Updates on the "Suitcase Body Parts Murder" or is it really murder???~~~~~~

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I love a mystery, I love  a mystery that takes twists and turns, but the one thing I know that in real life it is never nice and neat as in a book, movie or Television show.

It's messy and the law must always be upheld and the law has been upheld in this case that I have been posting about.

The suspect has been released but the case is still under investigation and they still do not have a positive I.D. on the victim and the police have to go over all the evidence again more thoroughly, this does not mean that the suspect is "off the hook", no.

But it does mean that the police are going to have to go over everything and wait on the results on some of the tests before there is any forward movement.

This is the story as reported by KGO T.V. (an ABC affiliate) ~~~


By    Carolyn Tyler  and    Lilian Kim 

Tuesday, February 03, 2015 12:00AM


 The San Francisco district attorney announced he will not file charges against the man accused of killing a person and carrying some of the butchered remains in a suitcase. Public Defender Jeff Adachi walked his client out of jail sometime after 9 p.m. Tuesday evening.

The district attorney says they are very disturbed by the facts of the case, but there wasn't enough evidence to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt. So the suspect will not be formally charged. It will likely be a relief for his best friend, who says he never believed he was guilty.     "It's a crying shame, but I'm supporting him," said Mark Keever. "I'm praying for him."

It was there at Keever's Tenderloin apartment on Friday that San Francisco police arrested his good friend Mark Andrus on suspicion of murder.

The 59-year-old Andrus was suspected of murdering a person whose headless torso was found in an abandoned suitcase last Wednesday. Other body parts were found nearby. Surveillance video obtained by ABC7 News shows the suspect lugging a suitcase down the street.

When asked if he ever had that suitcase in the apartment, Keever answered, "Not that I know of, no."

Keever says Andrus stayed there off and on over the past two years, and twice brought his roommate Omar Shahwan, whom the San Francisco Chronicle says investigators believe may be the victim.   "I knew Omar for two years, good guy," Keever said.

But police tell us that's speculation and the victim hasn't been identified.    "Investigators have been receiving inquiries from all over the country about concerned family members and friends who are worried that this person could be their loved one of theirs," said Sgt. Monica MacDonald.

Police and the medical examiner are trying to figure out who the victim is, what was the cause of death, and the murder weapon.

Former San Francisco Police Chief Tony Ribera says he's sure investigators have been retracing the suspect's steps trying to figure out where he's been in the last few weeks.    "See if you can't get search warrants to search those locations to see if there's any sign of a struggle, if there's any blood, any sign that would make it a crime scene," he said.

Under the law, Mark Andrus had to be released.

The case remains under investigation ………
And that is where this case remains.....For those of you who love a Murder Mystery, I will keep you updated as things unfold.
For me, well Belladonna and Weiner Dog need their walks and do discoveries of their own.
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  1. It sounds like the officials are being careful so that they can build a strong case against the person responsible. It is a strange case and finding out what actually happened may take quite a while.

    Still a very unusual set of circumstances. All the access to video footage is pretty amazing. I don't even think about all the cameras that may be around the average person on a daily basis. I work on a large college campus and I know there are all kinds of security cameras around.

    1. That is what I suspect as well, and now they have a new problem, a hold up at a Tiffany store in the West Gate Mall in S.F. Hopefully the security cameras will help there.

      You know people complain about "Big Brother" but Big Brother really creeped up to us as security cameras, because of crime, and it is crime that's contributed to big brother's creation. Although Doyle thinks it would have happened anyway because of how people act now a days. This may turn into a long dissertation, but it's happened because of society. Let's hope it will help solve crime.