Sunday, February 8, 2015

Of a final twist in the "Suit-Case Murder"~~~~

Well Darklings,

You know how I love a mystery and yes I seemed to be obsessed with the strange case of body parts found in a Suitcase near the Goodwill Store in San Francisco and how the one suspect was released and not charged.

Well this case may never be solved.

The suspect Andrus died early this morning after being release nearly a week ago.

It seems he died of complications from a drug overdose.

This story posted here-----

Main Suspect In Suitcase Murder Has Died

Mark Jeffrey Andrus, the main suspect in the gruesome 'suitcase murder' case, has died reports The Chronicle.

Andrus was admitted to a hospital on Saturday morning for drug-related reasons and died after going to septic shock, according to the report. He was arrested on January 30 as the primary suspect in the case of the human remains found in a suitcase in SoMa(South of Market Street area), but later released with no charges filed due to insufficient evidence. Despite being released, Andrus was still considered a suspect in the case.

The SFPD has not confirmed the report that Andrus has died, releasing only the following statement through a spokesperson: "Mr. Andrus is a free man he is not in police custody. I do not have any information on his whereabouts."

Update [4:30]: The SFPD has confirmed that they've learned of Andrus' death. His public defender, Jeff Adachi, said, "Mark was a good person and I'm very sad to learn of his passing."   Authorities have still not identified the remains found in the piece of luggage last month, although there is speculation that it is Andrus' former roommate Omar Shahwan.
And so Darklings, did Mr. Andrus commit murder or was he duped into dropping off the suitcase with it's grisly contents?
Is the body that of Omar Shahwan, and was this victim murdered or died of natural causes and in a bizarre way was disposed of, perhaps thought as the best way by a possible drug addled mind.
Did the victim die by accident or by violence?
If it was violence what was the motive or was it of passion?
I am not saying that the late Mr. Andrus is the perpetrator, that is for the police to discover.
It is just one more bizarre mystery in this City by the Bay.
Later Darklings

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