Monday, February 9, 2015

Of a Lost Little Dog~~~~

Dear Darklings,

I have a very soft spot for animals, especially dogs, kitties are nice too but I'm more of a dog person although I have had a cat make its home under my front porch and I fed it for a while until another lady decided to adopt it, for which I'm glad.

But dogs have always been my weakness.

Today I nearly had another one, but it turned out well, I had just come home after I picked up my sister's room-mate Brian at the dentist, he had gotten there fine but was going to need a lift home as it was an extraction.

So I was guiding Brian up the steps of my house so he could lie down and rest when a little black dog came wandering up my walkway, Brian saw it first and asked "Whose dog is that?"  Well I certainly didn't know.

I said to the little guy "Hello Baby, whose little guy do you belong to?"  and the little thing came trotting up to me happy to hear a friendly voice and face, I knew she belonged to someone as she had a body harness on instead of a collar and there were tags attached. 

We got the little 4 legged stranger into the house and into the kitchen, my dynamic duo were at the sitters so I didn't have to worry about them, keeping her in the kitchen I jotted down the phone numbers and her name.  I called one number but no answer so I called the second one which was a cell phone, and asked the lady if she owned a little black dog with the name of Pansy, well she screamed and asked me where the dog is and I said with me.

Pansy had gotten out of the back yard because her husband had forgotten to latch the gate and the owner was looking all over for her, I asked her where she was and it turned out she was only 5 blocks from me so I gave her directions and my phone number in case she got lost.

In ten minutes they were reunited, but she looked frazzled, clipping a leash on to Pansy's harness, I asked the lady to come into the kitchen for a cup of tea or coffee, she was surprised to see Brian resting on the couch in the family parlor but I explained why.

Pansy had been adopted from a local shelter and the lady had her for only two months, loves the dog but her husband just doesn't understand that how he use to do things and being forgetful about the gate just isn't going to work. 

Her two children are very good about it, making double sure that it's locked, but her husband is a bit careless,  I gave suggestions about how to handle the situation and also to give him an ultimatum if he loses the dog he sleeps in the garage until it's found, and suggested that since it was his fault that the dog got loose today that he has to sleep in the garage tonight, because any pet is a child and a dog especially is like a toddler that doesn't have an idea what kind of danger it can get into. 

She liked the idea especially since it was her husband's idea to go ahead and adopt a dog, so I told her "You have to train your husband and tell him he has to be a responsible parent and tell the children what his carelessness did.  It could have ended tragically, so the children need to be in the know that their Father is not being a good doggie parent."   And she liked that as well.

I told her about my parents and for a while we had a dog until we discovered Dad's allergies but the dog went to one of my grandparents and lived with them for a long time, but during the time we had the dog it had developed some sort of rash, and Dad liked the dog, even called it "daddy's little girl" and spoiled it, but when it came down with the rash all Dad did was put Petro carb salve on it but it wasn't getting better.

Mom took things in hand and took the dog to the vet, for 8 weeks, once a week Mom took the dog to the Vet and the Vet tried different things, the poor dog had to wear what we called "the cone of shame" to prevent it from biting its self finally in the last 3 weeks the rash healed up, the Vet hit on the right medication  and strength to cure it.

On that final day both Mom and Dad went to the Vet, when the Vet came into the examining room he was surprised to see both my Mom and my Dad, Mom pointed to my Dad and said "Daddy", then she pointed to the dog "Daddy's Little Girl"  and then  she pointed to herself and said "But it's Mommy who brings her to the Vet."    The Vet laugh and understood.

But two months later after nearly a year of Dad suffering from horrible allergies we discovered that he was allergic to pet dander, dog, cat, hamster it didn't matter, unless it was a gold fish we couldn't have furry pet. 

But Dad talked to his parents and they said they'd love to have "Little Girl" and every other Sunday, alternating between Mom's parents and Dad's we got to see her and play, Dad would sneeze and itch a little but took his allergy meds, then when we got home he'd quickly strip out of his clothes and put them in the washing machine and take a quick shower while Mom got fresh P.J's for him  and it worked.  My Grandparents had her for 14 years until she passed away in her sleep. 

She was a great joy for them, as Grandpa said the little thing kept him on his toes giving him a twice daily exercise going for walks, one time the dog woke my grandparents up with her barking, it seems that someone was trying to break into their house but Little Girl's barking scared them away as my grandparents called the police.   The police did catch the would be robbers.

So with that the Lady said she would make sure her husband understood that he needed to be responsible and would also micro-chip Pansy as well. Then she realized that my home was the "Spooky House" the kids love to come to for Halloween, so I took her on a tour of it.  She has a much smaller Victorian what some would call lower middle-class homes but she liked some of the idea's and I gave her suggestions and my card and told her to call me any time she needed advise.

Feeling revived she left and I turned to my patient, who was snoring on my couch so carefully putting a towel under his cheek to catch any drool I let him sleep and called Doyle to get Wor Won Ton Soup from our favorite Chinese place and make it dinner for 4. 

Right now Brian is still asleep, Sis is here, kicking off her shoes and Doyle just called to say he's got dinner and to set the table.

So now to gently wake Brian up and warn him to let the broth cool down a bit.

Later Darklings

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