Thursday, February 5, 2015

Of an Update on my Brother's new/old home~~~~

Dear Darklings,

Well last evening I had a chance to go over to my brother's new/old home.

The reason why I say that it's new/old is that it's new for my brother and sister-in-law but it is an old Victorian.

In touring their home my brother remarked that for its age it has been kept up very well, and since they will be living in it when the storm comes they will see if there are any leaks, but from what he's seen there doesn't appear to be any but it does have a 3rd roof, so time to take it down to basic's and have a new one installed.

Most of the previous owner's furniture has been left behind, she didn't want it nor did her children want it except for some pieces of it as well as valuable dinner and silverware and some paintings.   My brother had to move in their old bedroom furniture from their old house since the previous owner took hers, so it looks a bit strange in their bedroom but Monica said she plans to eventually get period furniture but they will need a queen size bed.  My brother has a tendency to spread out while sleeping. LOL.

The other things that they've done is move the mattresses from Corallines room into her new bedroom, but they had to buy new mattresses and box springs for the boys since each have now their own rooms and beds, well the twins are in one bedroom and Chris has his own, which I've been told he is very happy with.

Coralline is extremely happy with her new and much larger bedroom, she doesn't want to change a thing in it, and both she and Chris appear to be very happy with the arrangements.

The twins complain because new rules have been imposed upon them, the antics they use to do can no longer be done except down below in the "Club Room" as it's been called, my brother has taken over decorating it along with Chris but I noticed a lot of the sports memorabilia has been toned down and doesn't looks so garish.   Their former living room couch and chairs have found their way down there as well.  Monica said "They can do what they want except bounce on it like a trampoline".

The children still stay the week at their grandmother's and great grandmother's house and on the weekends stay in the parents house Friday through Sunday evening.  The gasoline bill will be high because of this commute,  but with both parents working they can take care of it.

The sale of their house is completed and quickly too, everything except what is immediately needed is in storage but in the "maid's room" off of their kitchen I've seen boxes opened and things sorted and boxes labeled "yard sale", "toss", "donate", and also labeled which room to go in if they are keeping it.

Monica told me that a lot of the boys toys are being donated "they've out grown them and a lot of their clothing as well, so might as well give it where it will do the most good" she said.

The maid's room is also going to be a work area for the kids to do their homework, since it's right off the kitchen Monica can keep an eye and ear out for any trouble.  

But the children are working hard to keep their grades up, and their new school is lined up as well. 

Coralline is a little apprehensive about the new school and is concerned about making friends, I told her to focus on school work, the friends will come later and to not be to quick about that part, get to know them first.  Chris will be in his first year in high school and fortunately the grammar school and high school are on the same grounds but separated by fences, it all being part of the Church's total facility. 

But both my brother and Monica want to keep Coralline back a year in school, I asked why and they felt that she had not matured enough yet, she's very smart but still a bit na├»ve, she understood the ways of the girls in the other school but they want her to have a chance to understand them in this new school. 

Monica told me that she felt it was a mistake to have Coralline in an accelerated class, she's bright intellectually but needs to gain a bit more "defense mechanisms "  socially.  Maybe that's not the right word to use but I understand what they want to do and Coralline even told me that she felt better about being held back and was not embarrassed about it.

The boys are fine, which is good and with Chris being in the lead to keep an eye on them it works out very well.  And their aunt that lives near by will be able to pick them up since she's retired or I can but Aunt Judith lives much closer to the school and said she doesn't mind.

I asked Monica if she's going to do much changes in the house and she said except with a new coat of paint in the Twins bedroom and the"maids'/homework room"  and on the ceilings of Chris and Coralline's room not very much, they are even keeping the wall paper---she told me it all goes so well, she just have to find pictures that will cover the faded area's---something tells me we're going to have fun antique shopping.

And there is so much more to do, they are going to upgrade the electrical in the "club room" and "homework room"  but for the kitchen and laundry areas it's just fine---May need to install a larger hot water heater as a 50 gallon might not do the job with 6 people in the house.  But that's for future.

I can see a brightness on Monica's face, even my brother is happy, the sales and the purchases have worked out well financially, and the move hasn't been too bad, Monica is in a routine and with my brother's help is going through things quickly. 

I've been able to offer suggestions on a few things but frankly there is very little that needs to be done,  and new rules are being set down for the children mostly the twins, I think as they get older they'll understand the value of things but right now it's all fun and games, but they'll learn.

And now I need to get back to paying bills.  That is never done.

Later Darklings

I'm afraid that this was Monica's and Coralline's feelings about the Super bowl, when told that Super bowl 50 was going to be played nearby, they both groaned and said "365 days of listening to 'the super bowl is coming' no, no, NOoooooo!' "

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