Sunday, February 8, 2015

Of Rain glorious RAIN!!! ~~~~~

Hello My Darklings,
  I woke up early to a very rainy morning too.  but my head was foggy, and I had a slight headache, sinuses acting up.  Took forever to go away,  I didn’t want to get out of bed my head hurt so bad, but I forced myself, because I felt staying in bed would be worse, so took some Tynoldo (on an empty stomach, never do that again) and sought to get coffee, maybe I was having a caffeine withdrawal, I didn’t know, but I opened the door to the back porch deck and breathed in the wet air and began to feel better in my head although my stomach was begging for something warm, which I had with the coffee.

I listened to the rain and watched it as it came down, just listening to it, there was no other sound except the plink, plink of rain on things, a xylophone of sound, and how fast the tempo told me how fast and hard the rain came down.  I saw droplets on the thin branches of the plum tree  in my garden like crystal ornaments, and then the breeze moved the branches like a shaggy tree beast but no sounds until I heard a mournful robin issue a short song, perhaps trying to find its friends.  No freeway sound, no street sounds, no dogs barking, nothing, until a passenger jet flew overhead to land at one of the airports and then it was quiet again. 

Finally with the coffee and Tynoldo my headache and growling stomach quieted, and I breathed in the air again to wake up, took me long enough to do it.  As I watched the rain coming down I decided that today we would Not go to the grocery store nor would the dogs  get a walkie, much too wet, and the dogs do not like getting wet even with their rain coats on unless we insist they have their walk but it's very heavy rain so down go the doggie pads on the back porch for them.   I was glad I got the pot roast and milk yesterday between storm fronts, but either Monday or Tuesday we’ll get the rest.

Hmmm it may have to be Monday if the rain tapers off as we have a Doctor’s appointment on Tuesday in Concord for Doyle and I have one on Wednesday in Oakland to check my back --- Maybe Wednesday, we won’t be tired from a long drive during commute time.  Oh well, just have to see what the weather dictates, as long as it doesn’t rain on our medical appointment days.
Now the rain has stopped for a bit, so I've taken a check on my underground water cisterns that I use to water the garden during dry spells and they are full, not over flowing but nearly full one more good storm will do it, and I still have another to open up if more rain is promised.
I had a chance to talk to my brother this afternoon and he says that there are no leaks from the roof but he thinks a gutter or maybe all the gutters will have to be replaced, he was able to determine that a faulty gutter caused some leakage in the master bedroom, but once we're past the rains, he'll have the roof and gutter's replaced and the ceiling painted with a oil type based paint that will cover the stain.  No basement flooding and the garage does have a bit of a roof leak that will be attended too as well but at least livable for now.
I became restless last week and did a mid-week daytime road trip, it had been ages since I've gone to Half-Moon Bay so I traveled over and took note of the different nurseries and artist studios on Hywy 92, and discovered that Half-Moon Bay has sort of grown up a bit, feeling like a jaunt I turned south on Hywy 1 and decided to go to the little hamlet of Pescadero, there is a bakery there that makes the most wonderful sourdough French bread, and I felt the need for it. 
Although the sky was grey indicating the coming storm, I felt refreshed looking at the green grass and the mustard yellow of the fields,  the low coastal hills and fields on one side and the ocean on the other,  I stopped at several beaches just enjoying watching the waves rolling, frothing and crashing down.  The roar of the ocean was strangely soothing to me, almost hypnotic, it was only me and a immature gull as a companion, but mostly looking for possible handouts which I didn't have.
I was even joined by some red-winged black birds hopeful that I had something to toss to them, sorry darklings, not even a drop of crumbs.
And even my stomach began to growl and I remembered there was a deli in the bakery and possibly a small café open, and I continued on down until I saw the sign announcing Pescadero, est. 1858.
Going past  a few houses, a small farm with sheep and goats, a place that builds barns I came to Stagecoach Rd, that intersected the road, on one side a post office, a church a house or two, and on the left the one block long town, consisting of a bank, a bakery, a grocery, a tavern, houses, a craft store or two, an auto towing service and I knew there was a B & B beyond, but that was not my destination, the bakery was.
Choices of bread, honey, wine and tomato sauces greeted me and I needed to make my selections carefully, honey, tomato and marinara sauces and wine would keep but fresh bread never and making my purchases I happily stowed them into the trunk of my car, I walked over to the grocery store that I knew had a café in it and it was open so I had clam chowder and bread with tea for my lunch and found it filling.
I knew it was not the season for their small Farmer's Market nor for their crafts festival, but I walked the one and a half block length of the town just to enjoy it's quirkiness, and its peacefulness, and was surprised that there was a 2nd church at this other end of the road, I knew if I took Stagecoach Road it would take me to San Gregorio but I decided not to chance it alone, maybe sometime with Doyle.
Maybe stay at the B & B as well, I knew I had to bring my camera next time just to photograph this place before in time it too becomes part of Lost Americana, but I think with the efforts of the 600 plus folks in this community they will do their part to keep it just the way it is and preserve it as well.
I knew that with the frequent fog it would take on a sort of Dean Koontz, Steven King quality to it, but now it felt like a bit of forgotten England pre-world war 2.   It's moments like this that I wish I was a painter or a writer or a photographer, somehow being able to capture it how it felt part of now and part of "then".
But looking at my watch I knew I had to get back before the commute traffic made driving a frustrating task.  So drive back the way I came I found myself at the lower half of Hayward and taking back roads found myself home jiggery, jig picked up the 4 legged dynamic duo from my elderly neighbor and gave her a loaf of bread, honey and marinara sauce which she was happy to have as she was planning to make spaghetti for her visiting nephew that evening.
And I decided to do that as well since I had fresh ground round that I bought the day before.  Sis was grateful that I made dinner that evening as she had several difficult clients, Doyle said he was going to be late, so I held up starting it as Sis relaxed her toes and drank a glass of red wine, I decided to spoil her with Vampire Wine, I had picked up two bottles at the bakery Deli and since it was not going to be a problem cooking dinner we relaxed and then I started cooking while Sis made the salad.
I told her about my little road trip and she said she'd like to go with me next time, yes it is a far distance for bread but for clearing one's head, it's worth it.

And now I'm relaxing as laundry is being done but I hear in the distance siren and the blare of the horn of a fire engine, I hope it's not too serious for whom the siren screams.
Later Darklings


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