Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Of Finally catching Up!~~~~

Hello Darklings!!!

Well it's been almost a month since I last posted, just busy, busy, busy.

I had Coralline and her brother Chris over the three day weekend so their parents could have a nice Valentine's Day celebration, just relaxing and doing what they want to do.

Coralline and I spent the day over in San Francisco window shopping, and I took her to Nordstrom's for a treat and showed her the huge stain glass ceiling, the look on her face was priceless, she felt the same way I did many years ago when I saw that same ceiling and the store was called "The City of Paris" and with it's rotunda shape it does have that Parisian feeling.

Over in Oakland there's a building there that's call The Rotunda but it use to be years ago a 5 story department store I think it was called Kahn's and all 5 floors were open to the rotunda ceiling until they closed off the 5th floor for large ticket items.  But before it emulated the City of Paris and Capwell's, shopping in those stores felt like luxury and I wanted Coralline to have that type of experience  and we did.

Doyle took Chris to his S.F. office to pick up some paper work and Chris got a first hand look at what Doyle does, but also keeping privacy in tact.   Then they went to a couple of antique shops to look for things for his home office and to a computer and office supply store.

Chris kept asking Doyle all kinds of questions throughout dinner, I felt amused about his questions and Doyle did his best to answer them.

Sunday we went down to Niles and took in the shops there, enjoyed pizza and generally had fun.  Doyle found a set of book ends from the 1930's and they looked like falcon's, Doyle had to buy them.  

We didn't have to worry about the twins as their Mother's brother took them to some sort of ball game and had them for the weekend.

Sunday evening their parents came to pick Chris and Coralline up and as I understand it do more unpacking the next day.

I've been given the task of having the drapes in Coralline's room cleaned and re-backed and find curtains to match the old one's that just about fell apart in her room.  Chris's room needs new drapes as those and their curtains are falling apart so I took a sample to a friend of mine who specializes in this type of thing and in a few weeks new and re-made drapes and curtains will be in their rooms, much to my sister-in-law's relief.

The twin's room is very plain and didn't have any curtains or drapes at all, so plain sheers will do and some heavy drapes to cut down any chill from the windows as their room is on the North side of the house.

Then Ash Wednesday services in the morning followed by a Mammogram later in the day, Oh I DO hate the squeezing!!!   But I got a letter saying everything is just fine, so happy me.

And between all of that putting together all my paperwork for my Tax preparer, and I finally got that submitted yesterday,  a lot to do as it's not only my income but the trust on the house as well,  I know H and R Block is very good, but this is specialized. 

I'm not worried about how soon my refund will come, just that it shows up, then I'll put it into my savings account and decide what I want to do with it later.

Well my plumb, cherry and other fruit trees are starting to bloom or leaf out, and Sis wants to go to China Town for some of the events there for the New Years.  I think it would be exciting. 

So we'll make plans.

I've been called in a day here and a day there to work, some staff people have been coming down with colds and bad allergies, so far (knock on wood) I've been fine, but when I went to see my Doctor sweet lady that she is,  she said at my age I need to have a pneumonia booster shoot and she called it in to the Injection clinic  so I blithely went down there to get it and was not happy to see the size of the needle and said so.

Well the Nurse said that it all depends on what kind of solution the medication is suspended in, Insulin for example can be in a water soluble solution so a much thinner needle, but things like Flu and pneumonia are suspended in a thicker solution so a thicker needle.  So I submitted myself to the inevitable and it HURT!!  And I did NOT get a lollipop!  Pooh!

But it was afterwards that really put me down for the count,  the injection site got feverish, it hurt like heck for several days afterwards, I had to use an ice pack, the following day I developed flu like symptoms like horrible chills and went to bed waking up several times sweating and still shaking with the chills, had to change my night gown twice, and stayed in bed for another day or two.  My "get-up and go" got up and went.

And I found out I'm to get a 2nd one next year to complete the series, Oh Lovely!   I'm finally much better but it took nearly a week to get over this.  Maybe I'm more sensitive to the shot, and I read in the information sheet, that this is given to infants and seniors and that the infant maybe "fussy" afterwards.   FUSSY!!!   They would be down right miserable!! 

But as my sensible sister is wont to point out, its much better than having pneumonia and possible death, so not feeling well for a few days is a small price to pay.   So Buck Up Bunky!!

I could cheerfully at times do an ax murder on my younger sister, but reality and the haz-mat laws prevent that.

So today it's laundry, walking the dynamic duo, and making lists of things to do, Doyle is in the city, my sister is seeing clients, Brian went into work for meeting and training session on a new system, and I am going to make a chicken avocado salad for lunch with extra for Sis when she comes over for her lunch (it's so nice our houses are right next door to each other) and do some sorting among my vintage things.

I think I'll order a new lipstick from Besame and see about some new nylons.

Later Darklings


  1. Sounds like you have had a very busy time of it. :)

    Oh flu shots! I cannot have them as I had a terrible anaphylactic reaction to the last one I got several years ago so the doctor said "Never Again" which kind of worries me because some of the flu strains are so severe. But unless the medical field comes up with a new kind of treatment I am off the flu shots.

    I ordered from Besame not too long ago and got their lovely little powder compact. It is small but very pretty. I save it for special occasions and always keep it in the velvet pouch it came in. I have their lipstick in Red Velvet and am considering getting Merlot because it looks like such a lovely dark red. I wish the sample sets would come back so I can try a couple of other shades.

    1. Well I hope so too, when I have a flu shot I just get a little sleepy and just sleep for the day. But this thing was a bit rough. I'm going to call my Doctor to determine if it was more of an allergic reaction.

      I do hope they come up with something that is good for you.

      I just LOVE Besame, I'm going to order their cake mascara which can also be used to define eye brows, I keep my compact and lipsticks in their velvet bags as well.

      It causes a bit of a stir when I bring them out.

      They may come out with the samples again, just keep checking.

  2. Glad you're better & writing; I was starting to worry.

    1. I know Patricia, but things have been busy and that shot was just Murder!

      As a matter of fact I'm going in for a hearing test today, it seems I have to turn up the volume on the T.V. so that's a bit of a concern, and also helping out my sister-in-law, taxes, Taxes are Evil.

      But I did make arrangements with Doyle and my sister, if anything very serious happens to me, they are to post it on the blog. But as my Doctor says' "I'm a tough old Gal" it would take a lot to bring me down. LOL!