Monday, December 30, 2013

Of Oweing an apology~~~~

Dear Darklings,

Last night my niece Coralline was a little upset with me.

Why?  Well I've been a "bad auntie",   you see Darklings I have several e-mail accounts, one for work, a home e-mail account to stay in contact with family and a 3rd that I use in relation to this blog.

***sigh*** Well I have no excuse except that the holidays took my attention and caused me to overlook both my home account and my alternate account.  I am in big trouble not only with my niece but also with a couple of family members.

Of course Doyle tells me to plead "old age" that causes "memory loss" but I will not make that excuse.  I do admit distraction, and maybe I do not multi-task as well as I use to, but now I've posted a note on my computer to check daily ALL my e-mail accounts. 

Coralline in her youthful "take charge mode" now has a plan for her auntie to be better organized, espeically around the holiday season, right now she is sitting next to me make out a list of things that I need to be better organized in.

I'm not going to argue with her as a matter of fact I'm amused by her, and her seriousness about "taking care of auntie".   But she is right, I have noticed a certain amount of forgetfullness,  even at work I've started leaving post it notes so I'll know where to pick up where I've left off,  one co-worker calls it a "tickle file" to tickle the memory.

Well I guess it is part of the problem with the coming of old age, or "extreme maturity" as Doyle calls it.

Trisha, all I can say is "my fault"  but Coralline is happy that you like her card.

Must go Darklings,  Coralline says it's time to take the dogs for a walk and she has rounded up Doyle.

Later Darklings   : )


  1. Another reason for the problem might be "technology overkill". I've noticed that in my own life. I have three e-mail accounts myself, one for work, one personal, and the third primarily for my blog. It's annoying, and I'd love to be able to at least put the two personal ones together, but I HATE gmail, so I've kept my AOL e-mail address because I prefer that. Of course, that means having to remember to check them all periodically. Oh, for the days when we checked the mail ONCE a day, when the postman came! ;-)

  2. Ahh my Dear, I remember as a child the post use to come around twice a day, letters, notes, cards, announcements and bills flew through the mail with great regulairty.

    And just in case the post man would ring your door bell twice to bring it to your attention, if you were cooking, on the phone, in the bathroom and then you could stop (except in the bathroom) what you were doing at a convienent point to collect your mail.

    And now the post office is going to raise the mail rates, I still remember when stamps were 3 cents. Oh dear, I am dating myself. ; )

  3. That's okay, I date myself all the time! We're ElderGoths, and proud of it!! :-)

  4. I have been writing myself reminder notes since I was in my 20s (and I'm now 52)!!!

  5. LOL!! I have come to the conclusion that as we "mature" (I refuse to say getting older), we have so much going on in our heads, that we need the post it reminder notes to let us know where we've been and where we're going. And all because of all the information we have and are aquiring. ;)