Saturday, December 28, 2013

Of More on Children's Fairyland~~~

Hello Darklings,

And Lucretia.

I looked into Children's Fairyland and you've must have gone in the early to mid-1990's because between 1994-95 Children's Fairyland officials admitted that the little park needed help and with the assistance of the Lake Merritt Breakfast Club they applied for and received Non-profit status, which gave them the ablity to apply for grants, receive money from bond issues and receive donations, with that they've been able to refurbish the park and add and expland programs.

Their web site is   During the summer months they have where parents and their children can have a camping sleepover in the park, reservations required in an area called Teddy Bear's Meadow as well as other events throughout the year.

Eventually Coralline and her younger brothers will become too old for it, at least for a little while not yet.

We had a quiet day, doing some shopping and even checking out a couple of antique shops, we're planning to go to Niles tomorrow to look at their shops just to see what they have, we take the back roads to it for a nice little drive and I hope the little tea shoppe will be open for tea, if not we can always have a small pizza at Bronco Billy's. 

I'm glad I've taken the full week off between Christmas and New Year's, Monday we're going to visit our friends that we met when they were doing their Estate Sale, to peruse their goodies, never know what might turn up.  And then Tuesday our New Year's Eve plans.

The time seems to go by so fast.

Must go, the timer went off and even the dogs are running into the kitchen, food a great motivator.

Later Darklings


  1. Wonderful, I'm so glad they were able to do that!! And yes, I remember now, it was in 1991, on the day the Oakland Hills fire started! We left Fairyland a bit early because the sky suddenly darkened and ash started blowing towards us. We didn't know what was happening until after we got home.

    Now I'll just have to have grandchildren so I can take them there. ;-)

  2. The Oakland Hill's Fire, I remember that Very well, a couple of my friends lost their homes, they managed to get out with a few things and their pets after I called them to warn them to get out, a horrible tragedy.

    1. Yes, it was. Your friends were lucky to have you!!

      An attorney I used to work with in SF lived up there at the time; he was a former fireman and had kept some of his gear. When the trucks arrived on his street, he was there at the fire hydrant in his fire coat, hat and boots, hosing down his house and the ones on either side of him as far as his hose could reach. He'd kept the sparks from setting things off until the "big guns" could get there. He later received an award from the mayor of Oakland for it.

  3. What a brave man to have worked for! There were heros that day and many unusual experiences.

    My Dad use to say espeically about people who have been in a specialized service "You can take the man out of the (Navy, Marines, Firedept etc.) but you cannot take that out of the man" It is a part of them.