Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Of "Faro-La Faro Li"~~~~

Oh Darklings!

That song has been running through my head all weekend and even today, it just won't leave my brain.  People have called that problem an "ear wigg" that is a song that just won't stop running in one's head,  but this one is from a Universal Horror movie "Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman".

I think, with the exception of the 1943 "Phantom of the Opera" this is the only musical number from any pre-1950 Universal Horror Movie and it won't stop playing in my head.

Here are the lyrics---and I think there is a You Tube video of it as well.

From the film "Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman" (1943)

(Curt Siodmak / Hans J. Salter)

Adia Kuznetzoff (Film Soundtrack) - 1943
Judy Kaye and The Scarlettes - 2003

Come one and all and sing a song

Faro-la, faro-li!
 Chrs: Faro-la, faro-li
For life is short, but death is long

Faro-la, faro-li!
Chrs: Faro-la-faro-li
There'll be no music in the tomb

So sing with joy and down with gloom

Tonight the new wine is in bloom

Faro-la, faro-li!

Chrs: fla, fli

Tonight we toast our happy host

Faro-la, faro-li!

For he's the man we love the most

Faro-la, faro-li!

He's barrel-chested, dipper-lipped

For drinking wine, he's well-equipped

But where's his chest? It must have slipped

Faro-la, faro-li!

If Franzec never drank at all

Faro-la, faro-li!

He might not care for alchohol

Faro-la, faro-li!

But since he drinks them by the score

He loves his bottles more and more

He even likes them on the floor

Faro-la, faro-li!

Now here's a pair of newly-weds

Faro-la, faro-li!

With love and kisses in their heads

Faro-la, faro-li!

Tonight theres only he and she

Just one and two, as you can see

But very soon they may be three

Faro-la, faro-li!

The wine tonight is nobly blessed

Faro-la, faro-li!

By such a lady and her guest

Faro-la, faro-li!

To them a toast, come drink with me

That they may ever happy be

And may they live eternally

Faro-la, faro-li!

Come one and all and sing a song

Faro-la, faro-li!

For life is short,  (break)  but death is long (stretch it out)

Faro-la, faro-li!!!   (copywrite Universal Studios I make no claim to this and present it only for your pleasure) ~~~~~ We had come home and we were all restless from our Christmas activities so we settled down to watch Svengoolie's presentation of "Frankenstien Meets the Wolfman"   (Where Wolf?  There Wolf.  Opps sorry wrong movie)  well they did the "Song of the New Wine (Faro-La, Faro-Li) and it got stuck in my head, my sister's head and Coralline's head.

Yes, Coralline had it stuck in her head as well, she was singing it as she danced down the hall to her bedroom.  Oh Dear, I thought, an "ear wigg"  and you have to be careful because you may start to sing it at the most incorrect of times.   I did that this morning at work after I had found an answer to a question and my co-workers looked at me with quizzical expressions so all I said was "EAR WIGG!!"  that explained it to them.

When we dropped Coralline off at her parents we warned her to not sing the song at school that the teachers might not like it.  She understood, but she said she could at least humm it, well at least that's a compromise, but I did warn her Mother just in case.

It's going to take time for it to get out of my head, I've been listening to other music but so far it is not working, I think I'll try Nat King Cole's "Christmas Song" next, it might do the trick.

Later Darklings

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