Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Of Computer problems and possible phone lines~~~~

Dear Darklings,

I seem to be having more computer problems with my old (13 years old) computer, and Doyle, bless him uses his for his work as well as Sis and Brian.  

The computer that I use mostly at home if for my personal 'pleasure', and so I do not want to in any way compromise the other's computers and even the one I use at work is now a shared computer, some cut backs in expenditures.

Now it could be the computer or it could be the phone line connections across the street, espeically after that horrible wind storm, and I've noticed that when a Comcast worker works on the lines, I always seem to have trouble and have to call my phone company to get it corrected.

But right now we haven't a clue if my computer system is finally degrading,  or the phone lines,  I really don't want to buy a new one,  but we'll see.

So if Darklings I do not post for a while or its sporatic that is why. 

I hope to have it worked on next week, right now things are very busy.  So next week will be the earliest (hopefully) to have this worked on and resolved one way or the other.

I've been told that this computer is positively "ancient", but I'm not big on buying the latest thing for personal use, only if I have to.  Even my cell phone is just a cell phone, no apps, no text, no blueburry or blackberry or android and only for emergency use anyway.   

Some people call me a Ludite, which is fine if it means keeping life simple and uncomplicated. 

But I felt it only right to give warning to all of you who are following my blog.  Do not worry, I'll continue to post until the last minute.  Then I'll come back with a vengenance.

Take care My Darklings and Enjoy the Holidays!

Later Darklings
I seriously hope I do not have to put my computer out of its misery, but if it keeps acting up I may do something drastic!

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