Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Of Christmas Eve and Santa Claus~~~

Hello Darklings,

It's Christmas Eve, and everyone I know are making final preparations for the Festivities.  Little Children are excited that Santa Claus is coming, parents are still wrapping and trying to hide presents, Daddy's are trying to put together bikes and other large items and trying to descipher incoherent instructions.   Mother's are running to the stores for last minute items of food and batteries (for toys).

Others are relaxing and planning to go to church tonight, volunteers are trying to get ready shelters and food for the homeless, those who work in jobs that does not reconize holidays are working tonight at firestations, police cars, hospitals and military bases to keep people safe.

Some of the elderly are receiving phone calls from family members far away, and some of the lonely are trying to find a way to not be alone.

Little miracles happen here and there, some big, some small.

Tonight my Sister will be in Sacramento with her family and grandchildren, Doyle, Brian, Cousin Louise and I will have a simple dinner at my home, then we'll go to a Christmas Tree Lane to enjoy the holiday lights, and then to Church for Midnight Mass.  Even though Brian is not Catholic and Louise is not much of a church goer they feel that for tonight it is only right.

Louise will be spending the night at my house and tomorrow we'll all go to my Brother's house for Christmas dinner and festivities, my brother said to bring them along, no sense they being alone.

For many in foreign lands Christmas is not well understood as a Christian Celebration but for us it is a time for caring and compassion during these difficult times.

Of late there has been a debate of "Is Santa white?"   How silly I think,  traditionally Santa Claus started in the Northern climes, typical of European locations, but he is an almalgamation of old Odin a norse god, and St. Nicholas a Catholic Bishop from Turkey who is also pictured with a long white beard and red and white robes, the Dutch children many centuries ago called him SinterKlaus for St. Nicholas, the Victorian era made him into a "jolly old elf" and thanks to a poem "A Visit from St. Nicolas" he gained a sligh and 8 tiny reindeer and a lot of magical properties.  The Coca-Cola ads from the 1930's, 40's and 50's gave us a final image of this magical being, and a toy book about Rudolf gave Santa a reindeer with a bright red nose,  later on in the 1960's NORAD got into the magical belief and started tracking Santa so parents could encourage their children to get to bed.  Television programs would have christmas episodes about Christmas events, further imprinting the magic of the season.

But is Santa white?  Well traditionally he started that way, but really Francis P. Church's editorial gave us the final explaintion of Santa. Santa is a speical compassionate spirit that dwells within each and everyone of us who take the time to help others in need.

Santa is of any gender, ethic background, of any level of society, and of any religious or non-religious belief, to use the name "Santa Claus" is to focus this spirit of compassion and love into action to help others who are less fortunate.   We tend to make him male but Santa can be female,  this spirit is with us always and is a earthly reflection of the "Light of the World" that came onto earth to teach us to love our fellow human being, no matter who they are.

If you give of yourself, your wealth, your earthly goods to help others you are "Santa Claus", just look into the mirror and you will see a reflection of that "jolly old elf", and I know you will say "But I have faults!"  Who doesn't, but to take time to help inspite of your faults also reflects "The Light of the World" during this darkest of times.

I know that people from all over the world read my blog, Russia, China, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Ukraine, India, Poland, Israel, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Phillipines, Australia and many European Countries as well as in North and South America.

And I have particular friends who post here as well, Lucritia, Underground for Tea, Trisha (pale lady), Rebecca and others.

I want to wish ALL of you a Very Merry Christmas and the Brightest and Happiest of New Years.

All the Best to you My Darklings

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  1. I love your view of Santa Claus, mine is pretty much the same.

    Have a wonderful, magical Christmas and New Year, dear Gothic Rose!! :-)