Saturday, July 7, 2012

Idea's for future posts~~~~

Hello Darklings,

 Besides what I usually post about my thoughts and life growing up, I'm trying to think of other subjects to comment upon being an Elder Goth, and please remember Darklings, when I'm saying "Elder" I mean 60 years old.

One thought is what type of car or ride should and Elder Goth have---besides the ubiquitous Buicks.
Another is types of wines (I nevah drink Vine).

Music, books, movies, etc.

But I'm going to ask you my Darklings, what is on your mind?

If you are an older, elder Goth, what questions do you have?

 You can post your questions on the comments section, But please keep it CLEAN. I will not put up with improper, vulgar questions or graphic ones, or jokes.

In my next post I will talk about cars---I own two, but I met up with the owner of a Vintage (1950's) Hearse, and she does have fun driving it around.

Later, Darklings.

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