Friday, July 20, 2012

Perfumes for the Elder Goth Part 2

Hello Darklings,

Well after all that “talk” about perfumes one of my friends presented me with a couple of questions:

Question 1:  
“If you have different perfumes or colognes for different occasions, where would you keep or display them?”

A good question---- it depends upon the style of your bedroom.  Now I say bedroom because keeping them in the bath room is not good because of the heat and moisture that would be involved.

So the best place would be either your bedroom, or if you are really lucky your dressing room.

But Alas, not everyone is lucky to have a dressing room unless one makes a lot of money, and can have a room for sleeping (or seduction) and another to hold your wardrobe as well as having enough space to dress in.  But life often does not present us with that luxury.

So to the Bedroom it must be.  If say during the week you are primarily going just to work then on your dressing table or vanity there should only be the perfume or cologne that you would use for work and also based on the season of the year as well.  That would be your primary location.

All the others can be either on a shelf or in an enclosed cabinet (which I prefer) away from Sunlight and heat.   The idea of it being in an enclosed cabinet is to prevent sunlight and air from changing or evaporating the perfume, but some people love to display them on a glass shelf away from the sunlight, like special jewels or magical potions. 

The choice of displays is based upon one’s preference for location, bedroom or dressing room style and of course the pocket book.

I myself have set aside a cabinet that was my Great-Aunt’s, that has a glass front, and a key lock, the shelves are made of glass to prevent any damage to wood and it has a mirror back to it so that they are displayed like prized jewels, and because they are in a darker corner of my (yes, I’m lucky) dressing room they are not subject to light. 

Some bottles are so attractive that I hate to throw them away, so in another part of my dressing room I have open glass shelves that display the empty perfume and cologne bottles that are unusual in shape and design, like one that is shaped like a woman’s body, another with a panther crouching on a rock, just to give you an idea.

A friend of mine has a very bizarre cabinet that she brought back from Africa that she uses to hold her perfumes, and considering that she also practices witchcraft and her whole house is very witchy it seems right.

Another friend just keeps a few bottles on her vanity dresser on a glass tray in her bedroom. 

So it is a matter of choice, cost and of course the number of scents that you have.

But remember Darklings, always make your perfumes be part of your “Aladdin’s cave of delights” and not stuffed into a junk drawer all crowded with unused things.

Question 2:

“You’ve given us a list of the types of perfumes out there, and when, where and what time of the year to wear them, but what would you call Goth Perfumes?”

Another good question; the reason why I didn’t say this is a Goth perfume or that one,  is based on what works well with you and what “tickles” your personal olfactory senses and most importantly where you work and socialize.

But based on just names of perfumes alone I’d start with Tabu, Passion, Poison, Opium, Shalimar those that I named in my first perfume article but then we have ones that are harder to find such as “Phantom” and “Espirt de Phantom”, “Premonition”,  “Jovan Musk” and “Jovan White Musk”,  “Forbidden Fruit”, “Insolence”, “Chypre”.

I rotate between Estee Lauder’s “Beautiful” for Spring/Summer at work and the Heavier Perfumes such as Elizabeth Taylor’s Passion in Fall/Winter for work and then switch to “Opium” when I’m out socializing; it is my own personal choice.

Now some people would say “but what if you are in a work environment where someone has a problem with perfumes”, well this is where I stand up for my rights and say “I have a right to wear what I desire”  I have rights too, but I have said that certain perfumes and men’s colognes should be banned, like “Carnation” or “Tuber Rose”, “Carnation” especially,  “Tuber Rose” and “Pacholouly” is fine if you are at a Goth Club but not at work, we are not “hippy-dippy-yippie”.

Now if you are in to dark alchemy there is a web site that I suggest you Darklings check out, and I will put their link also on my links section, it is Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab their web site is  If you want really Dark Goth perfumes, they can have something to match your darkest, decadent mood.

Remember Darklings---Coco Chanel is said to have quipped “A woman should wear perfume wherever she wants to be kissed”

Later Darklings

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