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How Does one Celebrate the 4th of July??

How Does an Elder Goth Survive the 4th of July?

Now Darklings, that is a good question.

For the 4th of July is a time of up-beat celebration, and one would think an Elder Goth is on the gloomy side, well yes and no.
If you are a Perky Elder Goth, then the 4th of July is fun, fun, fun and all the things associated with it is not a problem at all.

But for some of us the 4th of July can be a solemn occasion, sort of a wake in a way.

I know one Elder Goth who did this, she and the family went to the parade and always cheered the military units and the surviving veterans, and they saluted the honor guards. They applauded the various floats, the mounted horse units, marching units and bands, but they did not cheer nor applaud any political figure or any political cause, they remained respectfully quiet. This was their policy.

They wanted the parade in their mind to be one of remembrance their motto is “Home of the Free, Because of the Brave.” And policital candidates or causes (except for saving wildlife, animals and historic things) has no place in the parade according to their mind set.

They even put out a sign in front of their house decorated with flags, making that same statement.

After the parade they had a pre-packed picnic lunch ready to go and went to the cemetery where their relatives are buried, they put flowers, cleaned the graves if it needed it, and made sure those family members who served had flags. At one of the family graves they had a picnic lunch and spiritually invited their deceased members, they shared with their children stories about various members of the family so that the children would always feel they were still a part of their lives.

They would then return home, and towards evening, would fire up the bar-b-queue for hamburgers, and hot dogs, nothing fancy, except that the drinks would be dark cherry, or the Crystal light Raspberry drinks, the salad would be made with dark leafed lettuce, the fruits would be black and red plums and other dark fruits that would be available, there would be corn on the cob, followed by a berry pie. The idea was to use dark foods to always remember the dead.

Now fireworks are illegal mostly if they are Arial type like bottle rockets, but ones like volcanoes which are always set on a non-flammable surface they could use. They’d set them off with prayers of remembrance.
Another Elder Goth did her 4th of July bar-b-que using only the dark blue bunting with stars, she had power drinks that were blueberry, and of course the Crystal light raspberry,

But her Bar-b-que would be at night, and she had an extra advantage, where her home is one can see the professional fireworks every year. So her place is very popular.
For myself I’m a sort of Perky, Dark Romantic Elder Goth on the 4th of July. I go to the Parade nearby, getting there early is important for a good seat, but after it is over, I seek a quiet place to meditate and contemplate, there is this wonderful Catholic cemetery I go to that has lovely grounds, A city of the dead really, I take a small portable lunch with me and my portable music that I have programmed to play Gothic Chants, mostly the music of Hildegard of Bern I play it softly while I’m there, on small speakers, Belladonna was with me though all of this. Then after a few hours it’s time for us to go home.
In the evening, I sit out on the front porch, eating my dinner and watching the home grown fire works all illegal and eventually the police would show up someone would get a citation, then after the police leave they’d do it again, Belladonna I wasn’t sure would like the fireworks so on the advice of the Vet I carefully medicated her, and she slept through everything.

I do that now since most of my family is either dead or scattered to the far ends of this Nation.
When I was a child it was a wonderful time of family gatherings, family members would talk of things of the past, all of which I have carefully preserved, I learned how to do short hand in high school so I could literally write down the stories, then when I transcribed them if there were parts that I did not understand I could call the family member or ask them next time I saw them for clarification.
So among the merriment I’d gather the stories before they were lost. Which really is a good idea for you younger Goths.

My family of siblings are glad that I have done that, although there are some gaps in the history but I’ve been slowly filling them in.

So for 4th of July, well I would use it as a Happy Day of Remembrance.

Later Darklings

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